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What’s New with Zola Suite?

Our team works hard on developing new enhancements and updates to Zola Suite so that your firm can operate more efficiently. Here’s a timeline of major features we’ve recently rolled out in our law firm practice management software.


Apple Watch application

  • Take your practice on the go by using the Zola Suite app on your Apple Watch

Task updates

  • Assign tasks to multiple assignees
  • Mark as Phone Call
  • Add tags

Soft Cost updates

  • Create pre-defined Soft Cost Expenses with default rates
  • Quantity can also be applied to Soft Costs

WIP-AR-Trust Report updates

  • Now includes a column that shows the Matter's evergreen threshold

Accounts Payable management

  • AP checks can be printed when paying via check
  • Payments can be recorded via credit card

Invoice sent date

  • Set an invoice sent date regardless of whether you used Zola Suite’s invoice blasting feature
  • You can set this on an individual invoice or by multi-selecting invoices on the Invoices & Payments page

Statement of Account Summary updates

  • We’ve refactored Statement of Account Summary in a way that makes it clearer to your clients
  • “Previous balance” now reflects the balance owed on the prior invoice

Vendor bills

  • Manage and pay vendor bills and pass on expenses to clients through Zola's Account Payable system in the accounting platform

WIP-AR-Trust Report

  • See WIP (broken down into un-billed time, soft costs and hard costs) along with Unused Operating Retainer Funds, Unused Trust Funds and AR

Pre-bill invoice enhancement

  • Summary on invoices in pre-bill stage now shows available funds in trust or operating retainers as well as any amounts outstanding after application

Report enhancements

  • Date filters added to the Statement of Account and WIP reports

Built-In Email Enhancements

  • Ability to insert images in composed emails
  • Preview snippet of email body is now visible on Dashboard and Email sections
  • Count of unread messages shown in Inbox
  • One-click archiving

Invoice blasting

  • Contact Support for more details

Bulk share with Caseway

  • Select multiple documents and share them via Caseway at the same time

Smart intake form sharing

  • Securely share intake forms with clients and prospects
  • Client submissions will automatically fill in custom forms
  • Forms are mobile and tablet optimized and branded with your firm logo

Split origination/responsible attorney report

  • Advanced compensation reports that show billed, collected, responsible and originating
  • Please contact us to have this feature activated for your firm

Rate Cards

  • Create Rate Cards that can be easily applied to matters
  • Rate Cards can also be inherited from a default set at the client-level

Bulk email invoices

  • Bulk email invoices or Statements of Account to an unlimited number of recipients

Updated Trust Ledger Summary Report and AR Aging Report

  • Trust Ledger Summary Report has a practice area filter, an Excel export option and zero balances do not display by default
  • Filter the AR Aging Report by Responsible Attorney, Originating Attorney and Client. Results can now be exported to Excel

QuickBooks integration

  • Choose whether you'd like to use Zola Suite's built-in Accounting or Quickbooks integration
  • Sync Invoices, payments and much more

Bulk apply trust funds

  • Automatically apply available trust funds to open invoices

Print payment receipts

  • Print receipts with any payment you make through Zola Suite

RICOH printer integration

  • Scan and OCR in one step into Zola Suite using RICOH's multifunction printers

Download bank and credit card activity

  • Download activity from over 3000 financial institutions
  • Quickly reconcile your accounts and assign any of them as billable expenses with a few clicks

New user interface

  • New navigation and icons were added throughout our platform
  • Filter buttons are now larger and more clear
  • New tabs in Documents, Time/Expense, and Accounting sections more neatly organize the information allowing you to review your access information with fewer clicks

Microsoft Outlook ribbon plugin

  • Directly save emails to a matter from Outlook
  • Access Zola Suite documents for attachments
  • Automatically create time entries as you draft matter-related emails
  • Compatible with Outlook 2013/2016 for PC

2-way sync with Google and Office 365

  • Sync your Zola Calendar directly to your Google or Office 365 Calendar
  • Any Events you create in Zola Suite will show up on your Google or Office 365 Calendar, and vice versa

Mobile email

  • Access your Zola Suite email directly through our iOS and Android applications

Quick add

  • Easily perform a wide variety of actions from any screen in Zola Suite by clicking on the (+) sign on the top right hand corner of your screen

Add attachments to tasks

  • Attach matter-related Zola Docs to tasks to stay organized and get things done

Document integration (Box, Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive)

  • Connect your existing Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive account(s) with Zola Suite
  • Once your account has been integrated, you will be able to “link” a matter folder within the Documents section

New invoice options

  • Separate fees and expenses
  • Generate a Statement of Account Summary which will include any prior outstanding balances, new charges, payments received and total outstanding balance

Cash accounting

  • View Accounting Reports such as P&L, General Ledger and Balance sheet on either a Cash or Accrual basis

Custom fields

  • Custom Fields can be created for any Matter or Contact information you would like readily available

Matter communications

  • Our new and improved Communications tab in Matter Details gives you the ability to forward, "reply all" to, and download email attachments

Tablet-friendly apps

  • A mobile app version of Zola Suite can be used on your iPad

Evergreen retainers

  • Receive notifications when the retainer balance of a Matter goes below what you have set as a minimum balance

RPost integration

  • Send encrypted emails
  • Access court-admissable proof of delivery, time and email contents
  • Obtain e-signatures on legal documents


  • Create draft versions of your invoices
  • Review and approve invoices before they are sent out to your clients

Timekeeper Productivity Report

  • Review all hours, broken up by billable and non-billable, and realization rate by timekeeper

Trial Balance Report

  • Shows a listing of the most recent balances for each account as of a set date

Sales Tax Report

  • Shows information about sales tax amounts collected for a particular duration

Microsoft Word ribbon plugin

  • Open matter-related documents from any matter folder or subfolder stored in Zola in Word
  • Save new documents or new versions of existing documents directly into matters
  • Create new folders and subfolders within matters

Document automation

  • Generate documents and correspondence with ease
  • Automatically create Retainer Agreements, Closing Letters, Medical Request Letters or anything else you need for a case

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