What’s New with Zola Suite?

While we’re often celebrated as the “most robust” cloud-based practice management solution, we refuse to rest on our laurels. Every year, we make hundreds of updates and enhancements to Zola Suite (1,237 in 2020, to be exact). While our platform evolves, our goal remains the same: To empower your firm to be more efficient and profitable with a single source of truth across everything you do.


Preview attachments

  • Preview outbound and inbound attachments within Zola's email client

Export Contact Tags

  • When exporting contacts into a CSV file, Contact Tags will also be displayed

NetDocuments Workspaces

  • When converting leads into a Matter, you now have the ability to create a NetDocuments Workspace within Zola Suite

Overall performance update

  • Users should notice a 50% improvement in load times when navigating through Zola Suite

In-document search

  • Zola Suite will now index all documents uploaded to the platform, so in-document searches can easily be conducted by users

Document previews

  • Easily preview a document stored within Zola Suite without having to download it to the appropriate program
  • Also available in email attachments for both inbound and outbound messages

In-browser editing of .DOCX files

  • Edit documents (in .DOCX format) without ever leaving Zola Suite
  • Zola will continue to create a new version with each round of edits to ensure no information is ever lost

Portfolio generator

  • Easily merge files of virtually any type into a single PDF Portfolio document which can easily be shared with clients and colleagues

Worldox integration

  • With this new document management integration, users can easily upload and access all documents stored with Worldox directly through Zola Suite

Contact custom field search

  • Pull a contact list based on a custom field value

Quick navigation tools added to My Settings

  • Easily jump to specific sections with User Settings, helping to save time when updating various settings within your Zola Suite account

Remembering accounts

  • When creating transactions via check, journal entry, Download Bank Activity, etc., the last account used for the selected vendor will be auto-populated (subject to user privileges)

Profit and Loss by Location report

  • Administrators can view a Profit and Loss report where each column displays the numbers for each firm location

Segment Revenue option on the Profit and Loss report

  • Administrators can now see Professional Fees broken down by Location, Practice Area, Primary Responsible Attorney, Primary Originating Attorney and Timekeeper

User bank account permissions

  • Administrators can assign users to specific bank accounts, restricting access to the bank register and limiting the ability to create new checks

Updated AR Aging Summary report

  • Firm administrators can view AR grouped by Client, Timekeeper, Practice Area and Location

Worldox integration

  • Worldox users can automatically integrate Client and Matter data from Zola Suite
  • Existing matters can be integrated with Worldox and Clients/Matters can be created in Worldox through Zola Suite

Matterscapes enhancements

  • Default 50 records, up from 20 records, on one page
  • Matter Status is now an option, supporting multi-select

Email enhancements

  • Default font family, style and size for composing email messages
  • Sticky pane sizes for folder/email list section
  • Expanded folder memory, so you don’t have to reset these each time you log in
  • Email addresses can now be dragged between TO, CC and BCC

Firm budgeting

  • Create firm-wide budgets to estimate revenue and expenses on a monthly, quarterly and/or yearly basis

Print 1099s in bulk

  • Firms can bulk print hundreds of 1099-MISC and/or 1099-NEC forms for all of their vendors

Updated Billed and Collected report

  • This report now includes a "Display Hours and Rate” filter so your firm can view billed hours and an average Rate for the specified date range

Firm User Custom Fields

  • "Firm User" has been added as a field option to the Person/Company Custom Fields list

Settlement Management Tools for PI and Contingency Firms

  • Efficiently manage settlement allocations and seamlessly generate settlement memos for all parties, even referring attorneys
  • An accompanying customizable Settlement Statement is also generated with each Settlement Memo
  • Conveniently track all expenses incurred by the firm and external parties

New BI Metrics on the Admin Dashboard

  • Income and Expense trends for a set period of time
  • Previous Year Income Comparison
  • Previous Year Expense Comparison and Expense Breakdown

Billing Group filter

  • A Billing Group filter has been added to the invoice list so you can more easily sort during your billing cycle

Bulk Time Entry Rates

  • Admins can change Time Entry Rates in Bulk, saving a great deal of time when updating many entries at once

Invoice templates

  • Enterprise and Enterprise Plus users can now create multiple invoice templates that can be applied on the Contact/Matter level

Split Billing update

  • When assigning split billing percentages, Fee/Expense splits can be set using up to 4 decimal places

Vendor Reimbursement report

  • A listing of unpaid Vendor Bill Expenses that have been marked as billable can now be generated with a click of a button

Document Assembly and the Zola Suite/NetDocuments integration

  • When generating a document via a template in Zola Suite, NetDocuments users can now quickly save the file to the corresponding Workspace

Copitrak Importer

  • A list of all Soft Costs (in XLSX format) can now be imported via Copitrak

Invoice Unbilled Activity filters

  • New filters on the Unbilled Activities page allow you to filter for matters which have a Total Time Greater Than and/or Less Than the entered amount

zDrive for Mac

  • This tool allows users to edit documents and save them back to Zola Suite automatically (no uploads required)
  • Once downloaded to a user's Mac device, files stored in Zola are browseable directly in Finder and can be quickly accessed in the Task Bar

LEDES budgeting

  • Set a budget for individual LEDES codes within a LEDES-based matter
  • See billed amounts against the total budget as the case progresses

Effective Rates report

  • This report showcases a list of all users along with hours worked, fees collected and the effective rate for each

Matter User Rate report

  • This report shows, by matter, the Responsible, Originating and Billing Attorneys rate along with any additional Matter Collaborators

Dedicated Timekeeper Goals setup page

  • There is now a dedicated page to help you quickly create, edit and delete Timekeeper Goals for your firm

Default time list option for non-staff accounts

  • Users with Non-Staff permissions can now pre-filter the timelist for their own time entries

Ability to sort notes

  • Users can quickly sort Notes by created time

Updated user list

  • We've redesigned the Users & Groups page in Firm Settings

Dedicated subject and body for State of Account emails

  • Set a default email subject line and body copy when sending Statements of Account emails to clients in bulk

Expanded Matterscapes billing options

  • Customize your matter views with Origination Splits, Responsible Splits, Billing Type and Billing Group

Default worktype

  • Define a default worktype that will pre-fill when entering time entries

Soft Cost quantity update

  • When entering the quantity for a Soft Cost, Zola Suite now supports two decimal places to support fractional quantities such as mileage

Mobile App updates

  • Updates and enhancements to iOS and Android apps

Bulk Billing Center

  • Print and/or blast Invoices or Statement of Accounts in bulk more efficiently

Color-coded matter-related contacts roles

  • Customized color codes can now be applied to each Matter Role
  • Matter-related contacts can also be favorited, floating them to the top of the list

Matter option on Billed and Collected report

  • View Billed/Collected amounts grouped by Matter

Credit card expense updates

  • When creating and editing Credit Card Expenses, you now have the ability to assign a User, as well as Expense and Task Codes

Configurable discount column

  • Additional customization options when it comes to generating invoices

Updated custom date ranges

  • Custom Date Ranges can now be typed directly into the From and To date fields when publishing invoices or generating reports

Revamped phone call notes

  • Add tags
  • Create a new task
  • Option to open in a new window
  • When you select a contact under the "Spoke With" dropdown, the contact's business, mobile and fax numbers appear
  • Filter phone call notes by tags with advanced search functionality in the Matter's Communications tab

Vendor Bill updates

  • Ability to assign User, as well as Expense and Task Codes when creating/editing Vendor Bills to facilitate LEDES billing

Efficient document uploading

  • Faster upload speeds when uploading documents via Zola Caseway
  • Upload files up to 4 GBs

Flat Fee Productivity Report update

  • Flat Fee Productivity Report can now show data for individual services to enable firms to identify best and worst performing flat fee services, independent of a matter

Additional submatter billing options

  • For Split Fee Matters, users can now adjust Matter Number, Matter Name, Billing Notes, Invoice Note and LEDES information for submatters

NetDocuments integration

  • Access matter-related files stored within NetDocuments right in Zola Suite's platform
  • Upload/download document, perform advanced searches and access workspaces

Email management enhancements

  • Auto-selection of matters for inbound emails from matter-related contacts
  • Prompt to create a time entry upon saving an email to a matter (to capture time spent reading messages)
  • Blue dots more clearly display unread emails
  • Firm contacts are automatically added to the suggested recipient list and float to the top, right after matter-related contacts

Timekeeper Goal Report

  • Firm admins can set, and track billable hours and/or total billing goals for members of their firm
  • Metrics can be viewed year to date or by prior month and prior week’s progress toward those goals

Custom payment allocations

  • Firms can now specify how incoming payments should be applied

Secure payment links

  • Invoices sent via email can now include payment links that allow clients to make payments (through LawPay) without the need to log into Caseway, Zola Suite’s client portal

New LEDES formats

  • Zola Suite now supports 1998B Alpha, Case Litigator and a Tymetrix version

UniFLOW expense importer

  • If you use devices that output Uniflow format, Zola Suite can now import those expenses under the Time/Expense section

Faster intakes

  • Fields for first name, last name, company, email and phone can be entered directly in the New Lead window

Favorite reports

  • Favorite reports that you view several times a week
  • Available from any page of your Zola Suite account

Manual entry for credit card transactions

  • Credit card entries can now be recorded manually

Create expenses from credit card transactions

  • Record Costs charged to Credit Card Accounts (via manual entry or through downloaded bank activity)
  • Option to pass the expense along to a client

Bulk download LEDES invoices

  • LEDES invoices can now be downloaded in bulk, allowing you to process invoices across matters with one click

Billing contact available on printed invoices

  • When printing an invoice, the Billing Contacts Name/Information is now included on the invoice

Edit contact tags

  • Contact Tags can now be edited under Firm Settings (limited based on permission level)

New task status

  • A Task can now be labeled as “Not Started”
  • Users can also now search by assigned date and completed date

Vendor Box dropdown

  • When adding a Vendor, you will now find there is a new Vendor Box dropdown field to indicate the corresponding Box for 1099 filings

Single click invites for firm users

  • Invite colleagues whose calendars you follow to events with a single click

Text and email event reminders for external invitees

  • Send text and/or email reminders to invited participants

Tag contacts

  • Tags can now be associated with contact records, allowing you to easily sort your contacts and export CSV lists

Restore deleted matters and documents

  • Restore previously deleted matters and documents with a single click
  • Matters and documents can only be restored within 90 days of deletion

Import time entries and expenses on demand

  • Easily import a spreadsheet with time entries and expenses right through your Zola Suite account without the assistance of Zola’s migration team
  • Contact us for copies of these import templates

Account Reconciliation enhancements

  • More filter and sort options so you can find and review transactions with ease

Vendor bills search feature

  • Easily locate vendor bills that have been entered into Zola Suite with our new search feature

Vendor payments filtering

  • Filter your Vendor Payments report by Vendor allowing you to see all transactions made to one Vendor at a glance

Date calculator

  • Determine future or past event dates with the option to exclude weekends and federal holidays

Firm Collaborators

  • Assign additional users to a matter
  • Firm Collaborators are also filterable in Matterscapes

Matter-related contact notes

  • Add notes or descriptions for each matter-related contact

Matter billing groups

  • Create your own custom billing frequencies that can be set on the Contact- and Matter-level

Save payment information

  • Credit card payment information can now be saved via LawPay
  • These saved payments can be used for future Retainer and Invoice Payments processed through Zola Suite

P&L Report update

  • The Profit and Loss Report is now drillable, so you can quickly jump into the General Ledger for the account of your choosing

Billing Contacts added

  • You can now select matter-related contacts to be “Billing Contacts,” allowing invoices to be shared with them through the Caseway™ Client Portal

Batch billing enhancements

  • Flat Fees can now be entered as unbilled activities which can easily be invoiced during batch billing

AR Aging Report enhancement

  • The AR Aging Report now has additional date ranges

Multiselect for Matterscapes™

  • The Dropdown and Radio Button Filters on Matterscapes™ are now multi-select

Bulk actions for matter basics

  • You can update an array of matter-specific information without hopping between several screens
  • Update information such as Responsible, Originating and Billing Attorney, Practice Area, and Rate Card for several matters at once

More matter-related timers

  • You can have 10 matter-related timers (up from five) on your right-hand pane

PDF templates

  • Use PDFs for templates in Document Automation

Matter-level invoice note

  • Enter a matter-level note that will automatically appear on all invoices for that matter

Bulk printing sort

  • When printing invoices in bulk, firms can now sort by matter number, invoice number or client name (ascending or descending order)
  • The invoices will print in the same order the firm prepares the mailing

Custom UTBMS codes

  • Firm administrators can now create custom billing codes in existing categories

User images from the Microsoft Network

  • Pull user images from the Microsoft Network (when available)
  • User images will be shown anywhere a user can be selected, like when assigning a task to a colleague


  • Easily attach an image or PDF file of a receipt when creating a check, expense or vendor bill

AP Aging Summary Report

  • Outstanding payments to vendors grouped by aging period

Generate invoices by Billing Attorney

  • Option to generate invoices by Billing Attorney, as well as Responsible Attorney

Journal entry reference and print option

  • Save a reference number with a journal entry and print a PDF copy of the entry with a single click


  • Write off remaining balances for fees that won't be collected
  • Within an invoice, you can enter the date of the write-off and include a note that explains why the fee was waived

Write-Off Report

  • Aggregate all write-offs for a given date range
  • Results can be filtered by client, attorney, practice area and location

User groups

  • Add users to a group (or a number of groups) within your firm
  • Matter permissions can be assigned to user groups, saving you time in selecting individual users for each matter

Quick timer narratives

  • Quickly add notes as a timer runs

Shared Matterscapes™

  • Users can share Matterscapes™ and mark them as a Shared view so the custom views are available to other users at the firm

Flat Fee Productivity Report

  • Review hours worked and collections for Flat Fee Matters

Default folder structures by practice area

  • Create default folders for documents and notes for each practice area within Firm Settings

Billed and Collected Report

  • Firms can now view billed and collected fees with a single click
  • This report features a number of smart filters so you can easily sort by Timekeeper, Practice Area or Location

Consolidated invoices

  • Generate consolidated invoices when there is a client with multiple matters in any given billing cycle

User calendar view summary - My PastTime

  • Individual users can track their time and progress with color-coded calendar view to make sure they're staying on track

Enhanced Billable Hours recap

  • Now includes a calendar view with heat mapping so firm admins can easily monitor productivity

Admin dashboard

  • Users with Administrative permissions can view key business intelligence metrics through our admin dashboard
  • Users can access data including AR, WIP, AP and productivity intel

Next generation IP docketing with Zola Ambient IP

  • IP docketing solution that seamlessly connects with the USPTO's systems to easily track the status of all patents and trademarks
  • When a new event or action is added, Zola Suite automatically notifies the firm and creates a corresponding task

Advanced calendar search and reporting

  • Search events by combinations of owner, category, matter and date range

Zola Signature™ web portal

  • A white-label portal with immersive branding, including a custom login page and branded email notifications when new documents are added


  • With zDrive, users can edit documents and a new version of the file will automatically save back to Zola Suite

Calendar following

  • Follow and view your team's calendars
  • Each member of your team is assigned a different color so you can easily differentiate the ownership of each event

Bulk assign emails to matters

  • Select multiple messages in your inbox, and assign them to a single matter and a specific email folder

Edits to invoice line items now update the corresponding time entries

  • When updating a line item on an invoice, you’ll now be presented with the option to have your changes saved on the associated time entry as well

Bulk delete invoices

  • Multi-select and delete invoices using the "Multi-Select Options" button

Updated Firm Settings

  • Collapsable menus have been added for organization
  • Address information has been moved to "Invoice Customization" under "Billing" on the left side

Billable - "No Charge" option

  • If you set a matter’s billing preference to "No Charge", time entries for that matter will now default to “No Charge” instead of "No charge, don't show"

AR Aging Report update

  • Now presented in landscape view to accommodate additional columns of data

Enhanced Account Reconciliation module

  • Improved Reconciliation interface for better user experience

Two-factor authentication

  • For extra security, you can enter in an authentication code in conjunction with your Zola Suite password when logging into your account

Narrative templates

  • Add a default narrative to any work category. The narrative template will be displayed in the time entry description

Department-Based Accounting

  • Generate Profit & Loss statements for different departments, teams or individual members

Configurable time entries generated by email

  • Users can choose to review and edit time entries generated before they are automatically saved
  • This can be either a default preference by user or a toggle that can be enabled/disabled as you compose an email message

Smart Account Reconciliation Module

  • Firms who prefer to manually reconcile their accounts can now use this module to match their “books” on Zola Suite with their bank account statement by clearing or adding individual transactions
  • Works seamlessly with download account activity

Administrative Fee Soft Cost

  • Easily charge your clients a soft cost expense that is a percentage of the total fees on their invoice
  • Change these settings on a matter-level or in Firm Settings

Bulk Printing

  • Easily print hundreds of invoices with Zola Suite’s enhanced bulk printing options
  • You can either print the 20 invoices selected on a page or all invoices in the entire recordset you’ve filtered

Rules-based calendaring

  • Automates procedural, administrative and regulatory deadline
  • Automatically enters critical deadlines into your calendar
  • Monitors for rule changes


  • Customized matter view
  • Filter matters by practice area, responsible attorney, open date or custom fields
  • Save filters so users can efficiently manage their caseloads at the click of a button

Fee Allocation Report

  • Allows you to see a detailed view of fees, soft costs and hard costs that have been collected by Matter, User and collection date

Apple Watch application

  • Take your practice on the go by using the Zola Suite app on your Apple Watch

Task updates

  • Assign tasks to multiple assignees
  • Mark as Phone Call
  • Add tags

Soft Cost updates

  • Create pre-defined Soft Cost Expenses with default rates
  • Quantity can also be applied to Soft Costs

WIP-AR-Trust Report updates

  • Now includes a column that shows the Matter's evergreen threshold

Accounts Payable management

  • AP checks can be printed when paying via check
  • Payments can be recorded via credit card

Invoice sent date

  • Set an invoice sent date regardless of whether you used Zola Suite’s invoice blasting feature
  • You can set this on an individual invoice or by multi-selecting invoices on the Invoices & Payments page

Statement of Account Summary updates

  • We’ve refactored Statement of Account Summary in a way that makes it clearer to your clients
  • “Previous balance” now reflects the balance owed on the prior invoice

Vendor bills

  • Manage and pay vendor bills and pass on expenses to clients through Zola's Account Payable system in the accounting platform

WIP-AR-Trust Report

  • See WIP (broken down into un-billed time, soft costs and hard costs) along with Unused Operating Retainer Funds, Unused Trust Funds and AR

Pre-bill invoice enhancement

  • Summary on invoices in pre-bill stage now shows available funds in trust or operating retainers as well as any amounts outstanding after application

Report enhancements

  • Date filters added to the Statement of Account and WIP reports

Built-In Email Enhancements

  • Ability to insert images in composed emails
  • Preview snippet of email body is now visible on Dashboard and Email sections
  • Count of unread messages shown in Inbox
  • One-click archiving

Invoice blasting

  • Contact Support for more details

Bulk share with Caseway

  • Select multiple documents and share them via Caseway at the same time

Smart intake form sharing

  • Securely share intake forms with clients and prospects
  • Client submissions will automatically fill in custom forms
  • Forms are mobile and tablet optimized and branded with your firm logo

Split Origination/Responsible Attorney Report

  • Advanced compensation reports that show billed, collected, responsible and originating
  • Please contact us to have this feature activated for your firm

Rate Cards

  • Create Rate Cards that can be easily applied to matters
  • Rate Cards can also be inherited from a default set at the client-level

Bulk email invoices

  • Bulk email invoices or Statements of Account to an unlimited number of recipients

Updated Trust Ledger Summary Report and AR Aging Report

  • Trust Ledger Summary Report has a practice area filter, an Excel export option and zero balances do not display by default
  • Filter the AR Aging Report by Responsible Attorney, Originating Attorney and Client. Results can now be exported to Excel

QuickBooks integration

  • Choose whether you'd like to use Zola Suite's built-in Accounting or Quickbooks integration
  • Sync Invoices, payments and much more

Bulk apply trust funds

  • Automatically apply available trust funds to open invoices

Print payment receipts

  • Print receipts with any payment you make through Zola Suite

RICOH printer integration

  • Scan and OCR in one step into Zola Suite using RICOH's multifunction printers

Download bank and credit card activity

  • Download activity from over 3000 financial institutions
  • Quickly reconcile your accounts and assign any of them as billable expenses with a few clicks

New user interface

  • New navigation and icons were added throughout our platform
  • Filter buttons are now larger and more clear
  • New tabs in Documents, Time/Expense, and Accounting sections more neatly organize the information allowing you to review your access information with fewer clicks

Microsoft Outlook ribbon plugin

  • Directly save emails to a matter from Outlook
  • Access Zola Suite documents for attachments
  • Automatically create time entries as you draft matter-related emails
  • Compatible with Outlook 2013/2016 for PC

2-way sync with Google and Office 365

  • Sync your Zola Calendar directly to your Google or Office 365 Calendar
  • Any Events you create in Zola Suite will show up on your Google or Office 365 Calendar, and vice versa

Mobile email

  • Access your Zola Suite email directly through our iOS and Android applications

Quick add

  • Easily perform a wide variety of actions from any screen in Zola Suite by clicking on the (+) sign on the top right hand corner of your screen

Add attachments to tasks

  • Attach matter-related Zola Docs to tasks to stay organized and get things done

Document integration (Box, Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive)

  • Connect your existing Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive account(s) with Zola Suite
  • Once your account has been integrated, you will be able to “link” a matter folder within the Documents section

New invoice options

  • Separate fees and expenses
  • Generate a Statement of Account Summary which will include any prior outstanding balances, new charges, payments received and total outstanding balance

Cash accounting

  • View Accounting Reports such as P&L, General Ledger and Balance sheet on either a Cash or Accrual basis

Custom Fields

  • Custom Fields can be created for any Matter or Contact information you would like readily available

Matter communications

  • Our new and improved Communications tab in Matter Details gives you the ability to forward, "reply all" to, and download email attachments

Tablet-friendly apps

  • A mobile app version of Zola Suite can be used on your iPad

Evergreen retainers

  • Receive notifications when the retainer balance of a Matter goes below what you have set as a minimum balance

RPost integration

  • Send encrypted emails
  • Access court-admissable proof of delivery, time and email contents
  • Obtain e-signatures on legal documents


  • Create draft versions of your invoices
  • Review and approve invoices before they are sent out to your clients

Timekeeper Productivity Report

  • Review all hours, broken up by billable and non-billable, and realization rate by timekeeper

Trial Balance Report

  • Shows a listing of the most recent balances for each account as of a set date

Sales Tax Report

  • Shows information about sales tax amounts collected for a particular duration

Microsoft Word ribbon plugin

  • Open matter-related documents from any matter folder or subfolder stored in Zola in Word
  • Save new documents or new versions of existing documents directly into matters
  • Create new folders and subfolders within matters

Document automation

  • Generate documents and correspondence with ease
  • Automatically create Retainer Agreements, Closing Letters, Medical Request Letters or anything else you need for a case

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