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Clock image overlapping someone on the computer billing for time
Timekeeping & Billing
How To Increase Billable Hours
There are only so many hours in a day and a finite period of time to work. Therefore, the questions remain: How can billable hours and productivity be increased? How can a timekeeper increase productivity? How can a timekeeper feel…
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Three-way trust reconciliation report
Accounting & Reporting
Three-Way Trust Reconciliation Explained
Whether your state calls it an “IOLTA account” or an “ILTA account,” attorneys are responsible for any trust/escrow/IOLTA funds. Most bar associations require a three-way reconciliation of the IOLTA account. Depending on the software you use for managing your firm’s trust funds, this could be as simple as pressing a button and reviewing the report; however, even if your process is that simple, it is important that you understand the “magic” behind the report.
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Attorney on his laptop
Law Firm Operations
Security Key to Attract and Retain Clients
Due to current events, remote work has now become routine. In this new environment, many law firms have not adequately considered how to attract and retain their clients. One issue that should be of concern to every practice is cybersecurity—law firms are second only to financial institutions in being targeted for attack.
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Reports on tablet
Compensation and Performance Tracking
Assessing Your Firm’s Financial Health: 6 reports you should be running every month
The financial health of a law firm is ascertained by analyzing and evaluating many different pieces of information. Law firms, like many other businesses, sometimes evaluate their success based on the amount of money they have in the bank. Although it is very comforting to carry large bank balances, this represents very little about a…
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Attorney walking up the Supreme Court building stairs
Law Firm Operations
Attorney Turnover in the Current Environment
In these uncertain times, attorney turnover has become more problematic. It is now more important, therefore, for law firms to provide a stable environment to retain their lawyers. It’s equally important to establish a good onboarding experience for new lawyers joining the firm.
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Zola Suite's document automation on computer screen
Matter Management
Document Assembly Made Efficient
Do you often draft the same type of document for different clients? Do you try to use the same one as a base? Remember the last time you had to draft a document? What steps did you take?
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Team members discussing how to upgrade their firm's technology
Law Firm Operations
Investing in Major Technological Upgrades
Law firms throughout the world are currently operating in unprecedented times due to COVID-19. In response, many firms have found ways to become innovative and flexible. One of the biggest adjustments for law firms has been learning to work remotely and support hybrid teams. Working remotely is not new, but many firms have had to figure out how to effectively transition their entire workforce to remote work.
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