Practice Management Software for Personal Injury Attorneys

Thousands of files, hundreds of emails, dozens of court dates – one platform that was designed to help personal injury attorneys manage it all. According to a study done by the Journal of Occupational Health, 63.89% of lawyers work more than 10 hours a day and 42.22% work more than 5 days a week. 

Zola Suite’s practice management application for personal injury attorneys has the ability to efficiently manage client intake, generate critical documents with ease and take their practices on the road, all through a single platform. Our tools seamlessly connect your front office with your back office, giving you a single source of truth and an easier, more efficient way to manage all of your cases.

Our Best-In-Class Matter Management Tools For Personal Injury Attorneys

  • Intelligent (Built-In) Email
  • Robust Billing and Accounting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Streamlined Task Management
  • Powerful Document Management and Automation
  • Accessible Legal Calendaring
  • Secure Client Portal
  • Dedicated iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Efficient Notes Organizer
  • Organized Contact Management
  • Dynamic CRM and Intake Management
person meeting with a personal injury attorney who needs a legal practice management software to stay organized

Monitor productivity by keeping track of the time you spend on each case. There are over 11 ways to track time in Zola Suite, including our app timers that allow you to start tracking time using your mobile device or our in-email timer that automatically tracks time while drafting case-related emails. Matters listed as “Contingency Fee Based” will automatically mark time entries as “No Charge, Don’t Show” so you can record your time for productivity reporting but it won’t be displayed on client invoices. Zola Suite features 25 reports that can be generated with a single click. When it comes to productivity, personal injury attorneys and firm administrators love our Timekeeper Productivity Report and Fee Allocation Reports.

New time entry in Zola Suite
Zola Suite mobile app

Staying connected to your cases while you’re out of the office is critical for the modern personal injury attorney. Take your practice on the go with Zola Suite’s dedicated iOS and Android apps where you can track time and access matter-related emails, documents, notes and more, whether you’re in court, at a deposition or traveling.


How does your personal injury firm track leads from your website’s contact forms and online advertising efforts? With Zola CRM, your firm can manage your client pipeline, track referrals sources and streamline intake.

CRM analytics
Document management in Zola Suite

Upload and store an unlimited* number of matter-related files within seconds so all of your evidence, medical records and case documents are available in one place.

*Available for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans

Zola Suite’s document automation saves you time by automatically generating documents for your personal injury cases. It’s simple — using predetermined merge fields, you can easily create commonly-used document templates (for example, a retainer letter or a document outlining pre-trial instructions). With the click of a button, Zola Suite customizes these documents for each of your cases by plugging in the appropriate data, saving you and your support staff a great deal of time.

document automation

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