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Practice Management Software for Estate Planning Attorneys

As an estate planning attorney, you spend your days helping your clients understand and protect their most important assets. When it comes to your firm’s greatest asset – your data – do you have the right tools in place to keep it organized, safe and readily available? According to the American Bar Association, “security breaches are so prevalent that there is a new mantra in cybersecurity today—it’s “when, not if” a law firm or other entity will suffer a breach.”  Zola Suite’s robust legal practice management platform provides estate planning firms with all of the matter management tools they need to be efficient, collaborative and profitable. With all of your data in one place, Zola Suite delivers a single source of truth for your practice.

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Our Best-In-Class Matter Management Tools For Estate Planning Attorneys

  • Intelligent (Built-In) Email
  • Robust Billing and Accounting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Streamlined Task Management
  • Powerful Document Management and Automation
  • Accessible Legal Calendaring
  • Secure Client Portal
  • Dedicated iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Efficient Notes Organizer
  • Organized Contact Management
  • Dynamic CRM and Intake Management
Zola Suite task management

Task Management

Your estate planning firm has procedures for everything from client intake to the initiation of a probate proceeding. A robust task management system helps enforce consistency and accountability within your practice, making sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Zola Suite’s task templates help your firm create a consistent process for common procedures. With the tool, you can efficiently delegate tasks to other members of your team and schedule due dates. You’ll even receive alerts when a task deadline is missed.

Document management in Zola Suite

Document Management and Automation

Using Zola Suite’s robust document management system, as an estate planning attorney you can store hundreds (or even thousands) of matter-related files and documents in one place, enhancing organization and collaboration with your team. Your firm can create commonly used documents such as client intake forms, letters and retainer agreements within seconds using Zola Suite’s document automation.

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Client Portal

As an estate planning attorney, you routinely share secure confidential client information. With Zola Suite’s client portal, Zola Caseway™, you can securely share files (as well as invoices) with your clients and fellow advisors. Your clients can also upload files for your firm’s review. Invoices can also be shared and paid using Zola Payments, powered by LawPay. Customized web portals and branded mobile apps are available for firms that wish to deliver an immersive branding experience to their clients.

Intake forms inside a Matter of Zola Suite

Intake Automation

Say goodbye to hefty paper intake forms that require duplicate data entry. With Zola Suite’s intake automation, as an estate planning attorney you can securely share online intake forms with prospects. The data entered into the electronic form can then be used to create matter-related documents with a few clicks.

New time entry in Zola Suite

Flexible Billing Options

Whether you bill your clients on a flat fee or hourly basis, Zola Suite will track how much time is spent on a case so you can monitor your productivity. Time entries will appear on client invoices but can be marked as “No Charge” so your clients can see the list of courtesies your firm granted. If you’d like to show clients what you’ve been working on, you can configure time entry narratives to be displayed on the invoice while omitting the charge associated with them.

Schedule a demo and see how Zola Suite’s practice management for estate planning attorneys can help to make your practice more efficient and profitable.

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