Practice Management Software for Insurance Defense Attorneys​

As an insurance defense attorney, you work hard to get the best results for your clients. At Zola Suite, we work hard to provide one platform that will connect your front office and back office, delivering a single source of truth for your practice. According to the ABA, approximately 1/3 of an attorney’s day is spent on billingZola Suite’s robust legal practice management platform provides insurance defense attorneys with the right tools to maximize efficiency, productivity and collaboration. Our best-in-class matter management tools help keep track of important deadlines, automate processes and take your firm on the go.

Our Best-In-Class Matter Management Tools For Insurance Defense Attorneys

  • Intelligent (Built-In) Email
  • Robust Billing and Accounting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Streamlined Task Management
  • Powerful Document Management and Automation
  • Accessible Legal Calendaring
  • Secure Client Portal
  • Dedicated iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Efficient Notes Organizer
  • Organized Contact Management
  • Dynamic CRM and Intake Management
stack of papers for insurance defense attorney who needs a practice management software

Zola Suite offers advanced, built-in billing and accounting features that maximize efficiency and help to increase revenue as an insurance defense attorney. Consolidated invoices can be created when there is a client with multiple matters in any given billing cycle. With pre-billing, you can automatically set invoices to draft mode for your team to review and approve before sending to a client.

Tracking team performance is easier than ever when you run a Profit & Loss statement for different departments within your firm to see which teams are making the most money and which are falling behind. Using My PastTime™, individuals can track their own time and progress with a color-coded calendar view to make sure they’re staying on track. Zola Suite also provides firm administrators with advanced reporting to track productivity, including Timekeeper Productivity, Flat Fee Productivity and Work in Progress reports.

Billable Hours Recap
Document management in Zola Suite

Store and organize your insurance defense firm’s matter-related files and documents in one location. All users with matter-level permissions are able to view, edit and share documents, fostering collaboration within your firm. With Zola Suite’s robust document management system, your firm can create folders and sub-folders, lock files when updates are being made and securely send documents through Zola’s client portal, Caseway™. Using zDrive, documents can be edited and automatically saved back to Zola Suite as a new version, keeping track of which team member made the latest update.

Zola Suite’s case-centric calendar keeps track of your firm’s numerous deadlines, appointments and court dates through a powerful integration with LawToolBox, a legal calendaring and docketing system. Color-code and customize event categories, set recurring events and reminders and view events on your team member’s calendars. Automatically create time entries for any calendar event and label the event’s work category, such as consultation, research or court. By syncing your existing Google or Office 365 calendar with Zola Suite, any events that are created on one calendar will automatically populate on the other.

Zola Suite calendar
Zola Suite mobile app

Zola Suite’s dedicated iOS and Android apps allow insurance defense attorneys to take their practice on the go whether they’re in court, traveling or just working from home. Stay connected to your matter-related email, calendar events, tasks, documents and more when you’re out of the office.

Our task checklists will save insurance defense attorneys time and money, while enforcing consistency. Using this feature your firm can store all of its predefined procedures into a step-by-step process, making sure your team completes each task set in a timely manner. Tasks can be delegated to one or more team members with assigned due dates and times to enforce accountability. Receive alerts when a task is completed or past due to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Creating a new task in Zola Suite

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