Reports & Analytics

Essential Data to Help Your Practice Thrive

At Zola, we believe that in order to thrive, law practices must operate like businesses. The key to managing a successful business is keeping track of the crucial financial data and insights that will assist your decision-making. One of our guiding principles is: WHAT ISN’T MEASURED CANNOT BE IMPROVED. To this end, we deliver real time data with comprehensive reports and key analytics throughout the interface to help you better understand the business side of your practice.

Advanced Reporting includes:

  • Referral Report
  • Aging AR Summary
  • General Ledger
  • Statement of Account
  • Originating Attorney Report
  • Profit & Loss Report

Key Metrics include:

  • Practice Area Breakdown
  • Average Matter Duration
  • Billable Hours vs. Actual Hours
  • Unbilled Time & Amounts
  • Hourly Billing by Attorney
  • Unpaid Invoices


Zola Suite reports

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