Recorded Webinars

Improving the Collections Process with More Efficient Invoicing

When it comes to maximizing the collection of accounts receivable, timely, well-designed invoices are key. Zola Suite streamlines the customization and distribution of invoices, helping firms bill faster and collect sooner. During this webinar, a Zola Client Success Advisor will share a detailed look at Zola’s bulk billing center, including:

  • Bulk emailing and printing of invoices
  • Sharing invoices through Zola’s secure client portal
  • Facilitating online payments with Zola’s dedicated payment links
  • Recording and reviewing client payments

Maximizing Efficiency at Every Stage of A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury matters are complex, often complete with multiple parties, hundreds of files (more specifically, large evidence files which can make storage and transmission a feat in and of itself) and a slew of deadlines. Zola Suite was built to centralize all of these components and streamline workflows, helping busy personal injury practices efficiently manage the life cycle of every matter.

During this webinar, a Zola Client Success Advisor will share a look at the Zola features leveraged most often by personal injury attorneys with a special focus on Zola’s Personal Injury Module which provides legal professionals with advanced settlement management tools.

Together, we’ll explore:

  • Expense and value management
  • Smart settlement management, including Zola’s automated settlement memo tool
  • Case-centric calendaring
  • Advanced document management
  • Intake management
  • Branded client portal for secure exchange of files with clients

Document Management in Zola Suite

The efficient organization and management of documents is paramount to a legal team’s success which is why Zola has spent years developing a native comprehensive Document Management system – no integrations required! During this webinar, a member of Zola Suite’s Client Success team will show you how to leverage Zola’s document management tools for more efficient collaboration with clients and colleagues alike. During this session, we will explore:

  • In-document search
  • Document versioning
  • In-browser editing
  • zDrive
  • Sharing documents with clients through Caseway
  • Zola’s portfolio generator
  • and more!

What’s New with Zola Suite

Every year, Zola’s team of developers create and release hundreds of updates. Some are small updates while others are total game changers for our clients. During this webinar, a Zola Suite Client Success Advisor will showcase some of these recent releases, including:

  • Vendor Credits
  • Z-Editor
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Scheduled Reports
  • …and more!

Email Security for Your Firm’s Most Critical Communications

Zola Suite’s integration with RPost gives firms the extra protection they need to ensure that confidential information sent via email does not fall into the wrong hands.

During this webinar, a Zola Suite Client Success Advisor and RPost’s VP of Business Development, Jake Finnell, will share how this powerful integration works and answer all of your questions about e-security, including email encryption and court-admissible proof of delivery.

Your Top 10 Zola Suite Accounting Questions (and more) Answered

Each day, our Client Success team fields dozens of questions about Zola’s bookkeeping and accounting tools. During this fast-paced session, one of our accounting specialists will share the top ten questions we receive and share expert insights to help you manage your practice’s financials more efficiently. We’ll then open the floor to your questions with an Ask Us Anything segment.

Document Management for the Modern Firm

Documents are the lifeblood of many legal practices, but far too many firms are still using antiquated tools and processes to manage them. During this webinar, a Zola Suite Client Success Advisor will share ways in which your firm can leverage Zola Suite’s Document Management system to increase collaboration and efficiency.

In this session, we will explore:

  • Updates to Zola’s Document Dashboard
  • Zola Suite’s Document Preview tool
  • New in-document search functionality
  • Editing and uploading documents with zDrive and the Word Plug-In (do you know the difference?)
  • Sharing documents with clients
  • Performing bulk actions to help you do more in less time

Understanding Permissions and Safeguards to Protect Your Firm’s Data in Zola Suite

Keeping client and firm data secure is a top concern for all practice leaders. At Zola, we understand the tremendous responsibility you have and we’ve put countless safeguards in place to give you peace of mind. During this webinar, a member of Zola Suite’s Client Success team will share a look at different permissions and security measures in Zola Suite, including:

  • Role-based permissions
  • Matter-specific permissions
  • Financial account safeguards
  • Email encryption
  • Security with integrations like Worldox and NetDocs
  • Safeguards, like 2FA, that every member of your team should be using

Power User Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Efficiency in Zola

Zola Suite is loaded with hundreds of features designed to make every firm employee more efficient and productive, but few users leverage all of these important tools. During this webinar, a Zola Suite Client Success advisor will take you through some of the platform’s underutilized tools and show you how to become a power user. In this session, we will explore:

  • Bulk Actions
  • Advanced Search
  • Matterscapes
  • Practice-Area Specific Folder Structures
  • Default Narratives
  • Portfolio Generator
  • And More!

Measuring Productivity with Zola Suite Reports

Measuring your timekeepers’ productivity is critical to your firm’s success. Zola Suite’s robust timekeeping and reporting tools allow firm administrators to easily set goals, monitor the progress of each team member and identify areas of improvement. During this webinar, one of our Client Success Advisors will showcase Zola’s productivity tools and highlight a few of Zola’s new reports and segmenting capabilities that will help to maximize efficiency.

Thinking Beyond P&L Statements: Advanced Accounting Tools in Zola

Zola Suite is one of the most robust financial management systems for law firms. Is your firm taking full advantage of all these tools? During this webinar, a Zola Suite Client Success Advisor will share best practices for creating departments (vs. locations) and how these can be used when running P&L. We’ll also cover how to best generate reports for comparisons and utilize Zola’s budgeting tools.

Accounts Payable and Expense Management Made Simple

Zola Suite’s AP and Expense Management tools can help your firm save time and money. Are you taking advantage of all the system has to offer? During this webinar, a Zola Suite Client Success Advisor will give you an in-depth look at these features, including:

  • Creating Hard and Soft Costs
  • Adding Vendors
  • Entering Vendor Bills and Creating Billable Expenses
  • Generating 1099s
  • Running Critical Vendor Reports

Mastering Pipeline Management and Intake

With the right tools and processes, your firm can master the management of potential new clients (PNCs) and streamline the intake process. During this webinar, led by a Zola Suite Client Success Advisor, we will show you how to leverage Zola Suite’s CRM to manage your PNC pipeline (and forecast revenue) and increase efficiency during the intake process.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Create new leads (and make sense of the ones that are automatically added to your CRM through website forms)
  • Track key referral information and manage your client acquisition funnel
  • Manage cases you refer out
  • Create and effortlessly distribute intake forms
  • Convert a lead to a matter without losing any data

Leveraging Zola Suite’s New and Improved Billing Tools

As we kick off a new year, it’s the perfect time to revisit workflows and identify ways to increase efficiency. During this webinar, a Zola Suite Client Success Advisor will share Zola’s newest billing tools which can help you publish invoices faster and speed up client payments.

In this session, we will explore:

  • Invoice templates
  • Zola’s Bulk Billing Center
  • Configuration of your firm’s billing settings
  • Firm Budgeting

Zola Suite in 30 Minutes: An Introduction to the Most Robust End-to-End Practice Management Solution

From best-in-class case management tools to complete billing, accounting and reporting… Zola Suite is a robust platform that helps to streamline your firm’s front and back-office operations. In this session, a product expert will share our core features and how they work together to provide firms with a single source of truth.

Interested in Moving to Zola Suite? Data Migration Basics

Many firms want to move to a cloud-based practice management application, like Zola Suite, but they fear losing data or experiencing an interruption to operations during the transition. At Zola Suite, we’ve perfected the data migration process. In this fast-paced session, we explore Zola’s approach to data extraction and migration, and what firms can expect when making the move to the legal industry’s most robust LPM.

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