Recorded Webinars

Better Billing with Zola Suite

The faster your firm gets bills out, the faster you get paid.

In this session, a Zola Suite Client Success Advisor will showcase how Zola’s billing tools can optimize (and expedite) your firm’s billing workflow.

During the session, we’ll explore:

  • Invoice Creation
  • Pre-Billing/Draft Invoices
  • Bulk Billing Tools
  • Collecting and Applying Payments
  • Billing Reports

You’ll also learn about Zola’s industry-leading integration with LawPay which allows you to get paid easier, more securely, and 39% faster.

Creating A Single Source of Truth for Your Firm’s Documents and Data

Legal matters often involve thousands of data points and documents. Are you using disparate systems to manage this information?

Join Zola Suite and NetDocuments to see how firms are leveraging best-in-class practice management software and the legal industry’s leading document management system to streamline workflows, maximize efficiency and enhance security.

During this webinar, you will learn more about the NetDocuments/Zola Suite integration and see how the platforms work together seamlessly to provide firms with robust matter management, document management and complete business and trust accounting.

Understanding Your Firm's Document Risk

Is your firm struggling to organize files and emails in a secure and mobile system? Are your documents still stored on expensive and risky local servers? Are matter-related files and emails scattered about the firm in shared drives, personal folder systems, and emails? Know that you are not alone and fortunately, many firms just like yours have found an affordable solution.

Many law firms expose themselves to risk (and aggravation!) every day by perpetuating the existence of disparate systems, local devices, and relying on human judgment when it comes to managing critical client files and emails. During this webinar, law practice consultant and legal technology coach, Adriana Linares, will explore how firms are leveraging document management systems to minimize risk and maximize efficiency.

In this session, Adriana will explore:

  • How to evaluate your current setup and determine whether it might be time to consider a cloud-based document management system
  • The anatomy of a sophisticated document management system
  • Key considerations when selecting a document management system
  • Total cost of ownership
  • How to get buy-in from other stakeholders at your firm

Matter-Centric Case Management for the Modern Firm

Matters are at the center of the Zola Suite universe. During this session, a product expert will guide you through our core features and how each one has been developed to revolve around your firm’s matters. From emails and tasks to contacts and billing, Zola Suite is designed to help you manage your matters, and your data, more efficiently.

Perfecting Pre-Retention Management and the Intake Process with Zola Suite

Efficiency and accountability in the pre-retention stage of a case is critical to your firm’s success. During this session, we’ll showcase how Zola Suite’s industry-leading CRM can provide your firm with unparalleled insights into your pipeline and business generation efforts. A product expert will also give you an in-depth look at our intake tools designed to help reduce data entry (and errors), facilitate better communication and speed up the retention process.

Zola Suite in 30 Minutes: An Introduction to the Most Robust End-to-End Practice Management Solution

From best-in-class case management tools to complete billing, accounting and reporting… Zola Suite is a robust platform that helps to streamline your firm’s front and back-office operations. In this session, a product expert will share our core features and how they work together to provide firms with a single source of truth.

Get to Know Zola Suite's New Features

We’re starting off the New Year with an exploration of Zola Suite’s newest features. In this webinar, one of our client success advisors will share the following:

  • Adding reports to your favorites list
  • Passing a credit card expense along to a client
  • Bulk download LEDES invoices
  • How to utilize the enhanced user interface in email
  • Apply updates to vendors, tasks, firm settings, and invoices

Get Active and Get Real Results from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a rapidly-growing professional network, and one in which most lawyers have a presence. But although many lawyers have established a LinkedIn Profile, few use the platform actively or see results from their participation. This webinar will show you how lawyers can get active on LinkedIn and get results from their efforts. We’ll cover the different ways you can participate on LinkedIn from what to post and how, to connection strategies for increase engagement with your network, to identifying and joining Groups, publishing articles on LinkedIn, and more.

About the Presenter:

Allison C. Shields is the President of Legal Ease Consulting and a former law firm partner who helps lawyers create more productive, profitable and enjoyable law practices. She works with clients on productivity, marketing and social media, and law practice management, and trains clients in the effective use of LinkedIn. She has written articles for numerous publications and is a frequent speaker on marketing and law practice management topics. Among the books she has published for the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division are How to Do More in Less Time and LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers. Along with her co-author, Dennis Kennedy, Allison will soon be releasing Make LinkedIn Work for You, A Practical Handbook for Lawyers and Other Legal Professionals.

Zola's Newest Features

In this webinar, we’ll be exploring some of Zola Suite’s new features and how your firm can leverage this functionality to foster collaboration, increase efficiency and manage your day-to-day tasks!

During this session we’ll take a look at:

– Contacts and the new ways to manage them on the firm and matter level
– Calendaring and expanded options in event creation
– Performing bulk actions with Matters
– Expanded vendor bill functionality
– Report enhancements
– Flat fees as a part of batch billing
– Batch importing time entries and expenses on demand
– And more…

From Leads to Promoters: Tried-and-True Strategies to Convert Clients (and Even Prospective Clients) to Referral Sources

All attorneys share a singular goal: to get the most favorable outcome for each and every one of their clients. Unfortunately, favorable outcomes don’t always lead to future referrals, even from the most satisfied clients. In this webinar, business development expert Kimberly Rice shares some important nurturing strategies that you can employ to create “Promoters” for your practice.

Making the Most of Zola Suite’s Newest Features

In this webinar, we will explore some of Zola Suite’s new features and how your firm can leverage this functionality to foster collaboration and increase efficiency. During this session, we will look at:

User Groups and User Avatars
Calendar Following
New Email Tools
Assigning Tasks to Multiple Users
Using PDF’s for Templates in Document Automation

Using Zola Suite to Manage Clients Like a Pro and Accelerate Time to Cash

Looking for a next generation legal practice management application that will help manage your practice in one intuitive interface? Tune into our overview of Zola Suite to learn about its advanced functionalities and features.

ADA Compliance and Your Law Firm’s Website: What You Need to Know

As an attorney, you know about the American with Disabilities Act and its impact on places of public accommodation, but did you know that this law also applies to the internet? During this webinar, we’ll explore web accessibility standards, evolving assistive technologies and what it all means for your firm’s website.

Document Automation

Zola Suite’s Document Automation feature allows you to quickly create frequently used Documents with the click of a button. Learn how to build templates using our Standard Merge Fields, or create your own Merge Fields using Custom Fields and Intake Forms.

Zola’s Integrations and New Features!

Zola Suite is very selective in who we choose to integrate with. We are an all-in-one solution that does not require any other subscriptions to allow you to get your work done, however we know you may be more comfortable sticking with some programs you are already using. If this is the case we can give you the option of having the added benefit of using those tools along with Zola Suite.

Some of the integrations we will discuss are: Lawpay, RPost, Ricoh, Quickbooks Online, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and your bank’s website.

Learn More About Zola's Other Features

Are you using Zola Suite to its fullest potential? In this webinar we will go over some features that you may not be utilizing such as Contacts, Tasks, Matter Options and your Firm Settings.

Zola Suite Overview

New to Zola Suite, or just looking for a refresher? Join us in this 1 hour webinar to go over the main features of Zola Suite and gain some tips on navigating through your Matters.

Billing and Accounting in Zola Suite

Ready to start sending invoices to your clients, but not sure where to begin? Learn how to record billable time and expenses, create flat fee services, generate invoices, and manage your register through Zola Suite’s dedicated Accounting features.

Mastering Microsoft Word and Outlook

Ten powerful features and tips for legal professionals. Let’s face it, we live in Microsoft Word or Outlook for most of our day. In this session we will share ten features that will take minutes off of every major task, and give you days worth of time back each year.

Get back into the swing of things with this course whether you’re a beginner or long-time Microsoft Office user!

Let's Get Paid: Billing and Timekeeping with Zola Suite

New to Zola Suite? On this webinar you will learn about Zola’s billing and timekeeping features including invoice customization and generation, opening account balances, multiple ways to keep track of and bill for time, and much more!

Getting Started with Zola Suite

New to Zola Suite? On this webinar you will learn about Zola’s key features, how to customize your account settings, sync your email, calendar and contacts, and use our mobile app.

Secure Practice Management: The Tools You Need to Protect and Grow Your Successful Law Practice

How do you make sure everything you do in your firm is protected and secure? The reality is you need tools in place that make it easier for you to run your practice well, from anywhere. Join us for best practices, insights and solutions to manage, protect, and grow a successful law practice in today’s day and age!

Email and Cloud Ethics: Minimize Risks and Streamline Your Practice Without Missing a Beat

The Big Hack is coming. Will it hit your firm next? Take steps now to prevent a data breach, while improving your workflow and efficiency at the same time. Ensure that your law firm is safe from a data hack by integrating cybersecurity best practices using the new Zola Suite/RPost integration. Comply with data security and regulations without adding any extra steps to what you are already doing. Does this sound too good to be true?

Join Fred Cohen (CEO of Zola), Zafar Kahn (CEO of RPost) and Catherine Sanders Reach (Director of Law Practice Management & Technology at The Chicago Bar Association) for this informative webinar to learn more.

Ready to supercharge your law practice?