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Recorded Webinars

Zola Suite's Integrated Payment Processing with APX

Most organizations handle business-to-business payments through a variety of methods and tools, such as paper checks, ACH payments or virtual cards. Processes are often manual and payment information is fragmented.

Abacus Payment Exchange (APX) is a state-of-the-art payment processing system that’s native to Zola Suite so firms can increase productivity and speed up cashflow. In this session, one of our Account Executives discusses how APX can accelerate the time between invoice to payment while improving the client experience.

Big Back-Office Benefits: Billing, Accounting and Reporting in Zola Suite

We often hear from firms that have never found a practice management solution that is met with the same enthusiasm from the front and back-office teams. That all changes when they get to know Zola Suite; the platform’s back-office tools are just as robust as its front-office matter management features. In this webinar, our Director of Training will take you through our billing, accounting and reporting tools. By the end of the session, you’ll see why this system is sure to be loved by your bookkeeper, CFO and managing partners alike.

Comprehensive Reporting for Data-Driven Firms

With best-in-class matter management tools, billing and accounting in a single platform, Zola Suite delivers a single source of truth for firms. With 34 single-click reports, Zola allows admins and managing attorneys to easily make sense of their firm’s data. During this session, our Director of Training will give you a guided tour of these reports and share how firms are leveraging this data to make better decisions.

Zola Suite Overview: An Introduction to the Most Robust End-to-End Practice Management Solution

From best-in-class case management tools to complete billing, accounting and reporting… Zola Suite is a robust platform that helps to streamline your firm’s front and back-office operations. In this session, our Director of Training will share our core features and how they work together to provide firms with a single source of truth.

Customization Within Zola Suite

When it comes to practice management, we understand there’s no “one size fits all”. That’s why Zola Suite has a multitude of ways for users to customize the interface and its tools to meet their specific needs.

Our Director of Training and Implementation will show you how to:

  • Create custom reports
  • Customize your dashboard to display desired widgets and important reports and data points
  • Create custom matter views, which include custom fields and filters
  • Develop invoices with customizable rows, columns, fonts and colors

Discover the Hidden Gems of Zola Suite

During this interactive treasure hunt around Zola Suite, our Director of Training will introduce you to some of the lesser-known features of Zola that can help to greatly increase efficiency and productivity.

Document Management in Zola Suite

The efficient organization and management of documents is paramount to a legal team’s success which is why Zola has spent years developing a native comprehensive Document Management system – no integrations required! During this webinar, Zola Suite’s Director of Training will show you how to leverage Zola’s document management tools for more efficient collaboration with clients and colleagues alike. During this session, we will explore:

  • In-document search
  • Document editing with zDrive, z-Editor and Zola’s Word plugin
  • Document versioning
  • In-browser editing
  • Sharing documents with clients through Caseway
  • Zola’s portfolio generator
  • and more!

Interested in Moving to Zola Suite? Data Migration Basics

Many firms want to move to a cloud-based practice management application, like Zola Suite, but they fear losing data or experiencing an interruption to operations during the transition. At Zola Suite, we’ve perfected the data migration process. In this fast-paced session, we explore Zola’s approach to data extraction and migration, and what firms can expect when making the move to the legal industry’s most robust LPM.

Document Editing Tools for Greater Efficiency

The practice of law is document-intensive. Most matters involve hundreds, if not thousands, of documents, with numerous iterations along the way. Zola Suite’s advanced document editing tools help firms edit and save documents to the platform with ease. During this webinar, our Director of Training will explain the differences between zDrive, z-Editor and Zola’s Microsoft Word Ribbon Plugin and provide use cases for when each tool is most beneficial to use.

LEDES Billing Done Right

Zola Suite’s LEDES billing capabilities allow firms to streamline their billing processes and increase productivity. During this fast-paced session, you’ll learn more about the various formats supported in Zola, how to easily configure matters and efficiently generate LEDES invoices.

Transforming Prospects to Profits with Zola Suite’s CRM

For most firms, capturing the lifecycle of a matter requires a variety of applications and inevitably leads to data silos and operational inefficiencies. At Zola Suite, we’ve built a robust CRM to help firms build, manage and maintain client relationships in a single platform. During this session, a member of Zola Suite’s Client Success team will explore how Zola’s CRM can help your firm streamline intake from initial contact to retention.

Delivering More Value to Clients with Zola’s Caseway Portal

Now more than ever before, clients are demanding greater accessibility and security of their data and documents. Zola’s Caseway Portal helps to deliver on both of these requirements, allowing firms to securely share files and invoices with matter-related contacts. During this session, a member of Zola’s Client Success team will explore how this portal can be efficiently leveraged by your firm to deliver greater value to your clients. We’ll also introduce you to Caseway Signature and how firms across the country are taking advantage of this tool to create an immersive branding experience.

Paperless Billing in Zola Suite

Publishing invoices is often cited as one of the most time-intensive tasks for a firm’s back-office team. At Zola Suite, we’ve built a robust timekeeping and billing system that allows firms to bill faster and collect more efficiently. During this webinar, a Zola Client Success Advisor will showcase how firms can generate, and distribute, hundreds (or even thousands) of invoices in a matter of minutes. (Spoiler Alert: No paper is involved.)

Leveraging Intake Forms Beyond the Intake Process

Zola Suite’s Intake Forms allow firms to easily collect information during the intake process, but their utility doesn’t end there. During this webinar, a Zola Suite Client Success Advisor will share a comprehensive overview of how Zola’s intake form functionality can be used throughout the lifecycle of a matter. During this session, we will explore:

  • The creation of documents using intake form data
  • How these forms can be repurposed for other stages of a matter
  • Ways in which these forms can be leveraged to help users create powerful Matterscapes

Configured for Success: An Exploration of Firm Settings in Zola Suite

Back by popular demand…we explore dozens of areas of configuration and customization within Zola Suite. In this session, designed for firm admins and managing partners, a Client Success Advisor will walk you through all of Zola’s Firm-Level Settings and how these can be optimized to streamline workflows and help save your team time.

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