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Recorded Webinars

Zola Suite 2022 Fall Product Launch

Here at AbacusNext, we’re always looking for ways to improve communication with our customers. That’s why we’re excited to announce the Zola Suite quarterly launch program to inform our customers of the latest developments for Zola.

Join Raphael Lopez, Zola Suite’s VP of Product, as he discusses the latest product enhancements to the Zola platform including:

  • Client texting
  • Contact cloning
  • Platform stability and reliability improvements
  • Batch check printing
  • APX disbursement report
  • Sub accounting

Maximizing Efficiency at Every Stage of A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury matters are complex, often complete with multiple parties, hundreds of files (more specifically, large evidence files which can make storage and transmission a feat in and of itself) and a slew of deadlines. Zola Suite was built to centralize all of these components and streamline workflows, helping busy personal injury practices efficiently manage the life cycle of every matter.

During this webinar, our Director of Training shares a look at the Zola features leveraged most often by personal injury attorneys with a special focus on Zola’s Personal Injury Module which provides legal professionals with advanced settlement management tools. Together, we’ll explore:

  • Expense and value management
  • Smart settlement management, including Zola’s automated settlement memo tool
  • Case-centric calendaring
  • Advanced document management
  • Intake management
  • Branded client portal for secure exchange of files with clients

Meeting Clients' Digital Expectations and Effectively Adopting New Technology

In today’s world, businesses are shifting to a client-centric business model and law firms are no exception. While lawyers are historically slow to adopt new technology, they now need to evolve with changing client expectations in order to survive and prosper.

In this webinar, Zola Suite partner Nancy Griffing, CEO and Founding Partner of 3545 Consulting, will discuss the importance of considering client expectations when adopting new technology in your law firm.

Interested in Moving to Zola Suite? Data Migration Basics

Many firms want to move to a cloud-based practice management application, like Zola Suite, but they fear losing data or experiencing an interruption to operations during the transition. At Zola Suite, we’ve perfected the data migration process. In this fast-paced session, we explore Zola’s approach to data extraction and migration, and what firms can expect when making the move to the legal industry’s most robust LPM.

Delivering More Value to Clients with Zola's Caseway Portal

Now more than ever before, clients are demanding greater accessibility and security of their data and documents. Zola’s Caseway Portal helps to deliver on both of these requirements, allowing firms to securely share files and invoices with matter-related contacts.

During this session, our Director of Training explores how this portal can be efficiently leveraged by your firm to deliver greater value to your clients. We also introduce you to Caseway Signature and how firms across the country are taking advantage of this tool to create an immersive branding experience.

Online Payments Option with Zola

As expectations evolve in this digital age, winning law firms are realizing to meet client payment demands and get paid quickly, they must change the way they accept payments.

In this webinar, Kevin Gallagher, 25-year veteran in the payments industry, will be exploring today’s payment options to help you:

  • Accelerate your receivables and get paid nearly 75% faster
  • Save time and effort with a simple, stress-free way to process payments
  • Give your customers a modern, digital experience

Zola Suite in 30 Minutes

From best-in-class case management tools to complete billing, accounting and reporting, Zola Suite is a robust platform that helps to streamline your firm’s front and back-office operations. In this session, our Director of Training shares our core features and how they work together to provide firms with a single source of truth.

Task Management to Keep Everyone on Task

Zola’s task management system is the ultimate tool for consistency and accountability. In this session, our Director of Training will show you how to create task templates and leverage Zola’s task features to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

Document Management and Automation in Zola Suite

The efficient organization, management and automation of documents is paramount to a legal team’s success which is why Zola has spent years developing a native comprehensive Document Management and Automation system – no integrations required!

In this webinar, Zola Suite’s Director of Training will show you how to leverage Zola’s document management and automation tools for more efficient collaboration with clients and colleagues alike. During this session, we will explore:

  • Document automation and custom fields
  • Document editing with zDrive, z-Editor and Zola’s Word plugin
  • Document versioning
  • In-document search
  • Sharing documents with clients through Caseway
  • and more!

Leveraging Technology to Improve Employee Engagement and Client Satisfaction

In today’s environment, technology is essential for any law firm to be profitable, efficient and productive. With the right legal technology, your firm can attract employees, reduce turnover and generate more business.

In this webinar, our partner Gail Ruopp, will discuss the key ways in which legal technology improves employee engagement and client satisfaction in your firm.

Sending Emails. Setting Dates.

Most legal professionals receive and send hundreds of emails each week. Many also juggle an overloaded calendar. In this session, we will take a close look at Zola Suite’s Patented Email Management system and how this tool is helping firms more efficiently tackle email (and bill more). We will also explore Zola’s advanced Calendar tools which allow you to more efficiently collaborate with colleagues and clients. You’ll also see how firms are leveraging Zola’s date calculator and integration with LawToolBox for smarter docketing.

Making the Move to the Cloud

Firms generally have two options for data storage: they can elect to store data locally or in a cloud environment. When data is stored locally, remote access can be particularly challenging. It’s no surprise that interest in cloud technology has soared in recent years as millions of legal professionals were forced to work remotely.

In this session, we’ll review the key differences between on-premise vs. the cloud and how investing in a cloud-based legal practice management software can help your firm scale for the future.

Leveraging Intake Forms Beyond the Intake Process

Zola Suite’s Intake Forms allow firms to easily collect information during the intake process, but their utility doesn’t end there. During this webinar, Zola Suite’s Director of Training will share a comprehensive overview of how Zola’s intake form functionality can be used throughout the lifecycle of a matter.

During this session, we will explore:

  • The creation of documents using intake form data
  • How these forms can be repurposed for other stages of a matter
  • Ways in which these forms can be leveraged to help users create powerful Matterscapes

Understanding Permissions and Safeguards to Protect Your Firm’s Data in Zola Suite

Keeping client and firm data secure is a top concern for all practice leaders. At Zola, we understand the tremendous responsibility you have and we’ve put countless safeguards in place to give you peace of mind. During this webinar, our Director of Training will share a look at different permissions and security measures in Zola Suite, including:

  • Role-based permissions
  • Matter-specific permissions
  • Financial account safeguards
  • Email encryption
  • Safeguards, like 2FA, that every member of your team should be using

Improving the Collections Process with More Efficient Invoicing

When it comes to maximizing the collection of accounts receivable, timely, well-designed invoices are key. Zola Suite streamlines the customization and distribution of invoices, helping firms bill faster and collect sooner. During this webinar, our Director of Training will share a detailed look at Zola’s bulk billing center, including:

  • Bulk emailing and printing of invoices
  • Sharing invoices through Zola’s secure client portal
  • Facilitating online payments with Zola’s dedicated payment links
  • Recording and reviewing client payments

Selecting a New Practice Management System

Choosing a new legal practice management platform for your firm requires both time and effort. With your firm’s productivity on the line, the vetting process should be thorough in order to find the solution that best meets your firm’s needs.

In this session, partner and legal consultant, Claire Barnes, discusses key factors in selecting the right technology for your firm, including calculating the total cost of ownership and understanding data migration considerations before making the move.

Big Back-Office Benefits: Billing, Accounting and Reporting in Zola Suite

We often hear from firms that have never found a practice management solution that is met with the same enthusiasm from the front and back-office teams. That all changes when they get to know Zola Suite; the platform’s back-office tools are just as robust as its front-office matter management features. In this webinar, our Director of Training will take you through our billing, accounting and reporting tools. By the end of the session, you’ll see why this system is sure to be loved by your bookkeeper, CFO and managing partners alike.

Zola Suite Overview: An Introduction to the Most Robust End-to-End Practice Management Solution

From best-in-class case management tools to complete billing, accounting and reporting… Zola Suite is a robust platform that helps to streamline your firm’s front and back-office operations. In this session, our Director of Training will share our core features and how they work together to provide firms with a single source of truth.

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