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Best-In-Class Case Management Combined with Best-In-Class Document Management

Documents are a critical element of any legal proceeding. At Zola Suite, we’re fanatical about making sure you have all the files and data you need to manage every aspect of every matter in our robust, easy-to-use platform. We’re proud to partner with NetDocuments*, the leading cloud-based document management system, to eliminate information silos and maximize efficiency.

NetDocuments within Zola Suite

With this industry-leading integration, Zola Suite users benefit from Zola’s world-class case management features, as well as its native billing, accounting and reporting tools, while having access to all matter-related documents within NetDocuments’ secure platform.

Features allow users to:

  • Access matter-related files stored within NetDocuments platform from any matter within Zola Suite, eliminating the need to jump between two platforms with separate login credentials and user interfaces.
  • Create a NetDocuments Workspace within Zola Suite when a new matter is created within the platform.
  • Upload or download files and perform advanced searches of files within NetDocuments right from their Zola Suite accounts.
  • Carry over permissions from NetDocuments to Zola Suite to retain total access control.
  • Save files to corresponding Workspaces when generating a document via a template in Zola Suite.

*NetDocuments Subscription Required

See How the Two Platforms Work Together

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