Manage and Track Matters from Start to Finish

Zola Suite is a powerful practice management application that enables law firms to manage and track every aspect of a legal case from statute of limitations to trust accounting in a single dashboard. Zola’s task and workflow management enforces accountability by providing notification when assigned tasks are not completed on time and by logging all user activity and performance. Other features include tagging, sorting, filtering and creation of sub-tasks. Zola’s integrated, matter-centered calendaring system supports automatic billing of case-related events, recurrence and a Smart Suggest mechanism for invites.

Collaborate and Stay on the Same Page with Staff, Clients and Outside Users

Zola’s Matter Dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of all the constituent elements of a case along with smart stats to keep you abreast of vital information. You can also collaborate with clients and any outside contact using Zola’s secure portal: Caseway.

Custom Fields and Intake Forms

Set up custom fields for each practice area. Fields can be set up as check-boxes, pick lists, date, currency, text and more.  You can also set up an electronic intake for different types of matters.  Both the custom fields and data from intake forms can be used in Zola Suite’s document automation which can spit out custom letters and documents with a single click.


Audit Trail Logging

You also have access to a log of all activities related to the matter so you have a documented history of who has done what and when. The Audit log brings you up to speed on each case, holds everyone accountable and makes it easy to find activities for which you did not create a time entry.

Matter-Level Access Restrictions

In addition to limiting user access to certain sections such as Billing and Accounting based on Roles and Privileges, Zola enables you to restrict user access on a per-Matter basis. This can be done to limit access to a sensitive matter or to create a virtual firewall with other attorneys who may have a conflict.

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