Document Management

Cloud-Based Document Management Built for the Modern Law Firm

The practice of law is document-intensive. Most matters involve hundreds, if not thousands, of documents, with numerous iterations along the way. Zola Suite helps firms efficiently manage and safeguard these files. Built in to Zola’s robust practice management solution, the document management system has unparalleled interoperability with Zola’s other native tools, including our Intelligent Email, Dynamic CRM and Task Management.

Zola Suite's Document Management Solution

Zola Suite's document management system
  • Intelligent in-document search
  • Versioning (manual and automatic)
  • Document previewing
  • Commenting per document and per version
  • Foldering with ability to upload documents and folder hierarchies from desktop
  • File locking and tagging
  • One-click emailing
  • Unlimited document storage for Enterprise and EnterprisePlus plans. Max file sizes: 5 GB (Core); 10 GB (Enterprise); 50 GB (EnterprisePlus)
  • In-browser editing for .DOCX files (coming soon)
  • Attach to tasks
  • Automatically create document folders for new matters based on practice area
  • Merge multiple files into a single PDF portfolio document
  • Edit matter-related documents and automatically save them back to Zola Suite using zDrive™
  • Securely share documents using Zola’s client portal, Caseway™
  • Open and save documents directly from Microsoft Word™ into the corresponding Zola Suite Matter using Zola’s Word Ribbon Plugin.
  • Edit Microsoft Word (.DOCX) files without leaving Zola Suite using z-Editor. A timer will automatically run and your edits will save as a new version.
*Zola Suite’s Document Management System is available to all Zola Suite users, at no extra cost to the firm.
Portfolio Generator in Zola Suite
Document previews in Zola Suite

Effortless Editing of Any File with zDrive™

With multiple members of your team working on the same documents, you need a system in place that can easily update edited documents and record changes made by each team member.

Using zDrive, users can edit matter-related files and save them to Zola Suite with greater ease.

What’s the Word for Efficient? Zola Suite’s Microsoft Word™ Ribbon Plugin

Zola Suite’s document management system is already easy and intuitive, but for Microsoft Word™ users, we’ve taken it to the next level. Zola’s Word Ribbon Plugin* makes opening or saving documents directly from Microsoft Word™ into the corresponding Zola Suite Matter a breeze.

No more upload and download. Open up Word, click on the Zola Suite tab and voilà, you can now:

  • Open matter-related documents from any matter folder or subfolder stored in Zola
  • Save new documents or new versions of existing documents directly into matters
  • See when the document was last updated, by whom and the size
  • Create new folders and subfolders within matters
  • Comment on documents, use existing or create new tags
  • No storage limitations. Max file size: 1GB
  • File locking and tagging

Powerful Integrations

Zola Suite has a deep integration with NetDocuments and Worldox, the leading document management systems for law firms. With this cross-platform functionality, Zola Suite users can easily access all files stored within their document management platform without ever leaving Zola.

Zola Suite also integrates seamlessly with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. 

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