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Next Generation Legal Case Management Features

When we set out to create Zola Suite, our vision was to design a true, totally integrated law firm case management software with advanced capabilities. These include a complete business accounting platform and a built-in email client (that work natively with your existing account) that provides powerful, case-centric features to help you bill more and stay organized. Zola Suite isn’t just chock full of awesome features; in order to truly transform your firm’s productivity, we’ve had an obsessive approach to user experience. Every element of the interface is not only beautiful but designed to “speak” to the user in terms of how it functions.


Our built-in, double entry accounting system is built just for law firms, with business and trust (IOLTA) accounting as well as a whole host of case-centric features to help you bill more and better manage your cases. Zola has comprehensive financial and productivity reports to keep you on top of the critical metrics for your firm. Since your time is valuable, we have multiple methods to keep track of and bill for time. Create customized, professional invoices with pre-billing approval options, UTBMS codes and LEDES invoice capabilities. With over 5,000 institutions supported, you can download account activity from your bank and credit card, reconcile accounts and assign any transaction to a case with just a few clicks.

New expense in Zola Suite

Zola Suite’s Task Management system saves time, encourages accountability and reduces the margin of error. Create Task Templates for pre-defined case workflows, recurring tasks and use Zola’s integrated email client to convert incoming emails into tasks.

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Creating a new task in Zola Suite

Zola Suite is the only cloud-based legal practice management software with built-in email. Keep all case-related emails organized, avoid sending emails to the wrong recipients, record time when drafting and inform everyone working on the matter of important communications without having to CC.

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Zola Suite native email client

Send encrypted emails and receive court admissible proof of delivery through Zola Suite’s exclusive integration with RPost.

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Zola Suite's integration with RPost encrypted email

Zola Suite’s Case Management includes a form builder is designed to create document templates using Word™ by taking the information you have already entered in Zola Suite to generate documents with one click. You can also add custom fields for specific, matter-related data to develop unique documents that keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently.

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document automation

Powerful document management is critical to case management.  Zola Suite’s Document Management system is feature rich with automatic versioning, comments, file locking, tagging and folder hierarchies. Zola has unlimited storage capabilities, a Microsoft Word plug-in and integrations with Box, DropBox, OneDrive and other popular storage applications.

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Document management in Zola Suite

Zola’s matter-centric calendar keeps everyone in your firm on the same page with color-coded, customized categories, real ICS invites, timekeeping, autocomplete addresses, reminders and more. You can even schedule personal appointments without sharing specific details with colleagues.

Automatically add critical deadlines to your calendar with rules-based calendaring so you never miss the deadlines and meetings that matter most.

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Calendar feature in Zola Suite

Securely share documents via Caseway™, Zola Suite’s integrated client portal. Caseway™ uses 256-bit, bank level encryption and dual authentication to ensure sensitive, privileged information does not get intercepted. For firms that want to take mobile to the next level, we offer Caseway™ Mobile, native mobile apps branded with your firm’s logo, for your clients to access the client portal and pay invoices using their smartphone.

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Zola Suite's branded iPhone apps

Zola Suite is designed to handle every aspect of your business and practice from client intake to timekeeping and legal accounting, all through an intuitive, easy to use interface. User access can be restricted by user as well as by matter. Access an Audit log by matter or firmwide to get a 360-degree view of everything happening in your firm.

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matter management feature in Zola Suite

Our native iOS and Android apps have the features lawyers need on the go, including time keeping, task management, access to matter-related documents and calendar events. The apps also leverage unique mobile capabilities such as fingerprint recognition, business card and document scanning.

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Zola Suite's iPhone apps

Zola’s notes have rich formatting capabilities, are fully searchable using Zola’s universal search feature and can be organized within matters in folders and sub-folders. Create professional looking notes accessible by all team members to keep everyone involved up to speed.

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Zola Suite's Notes feature

Our contact management features were created to be versatile. Add headshots, unlimited contact fields, conduct granular searches and keep contact-notes. Send emails to contacts within Zola and copy contact information in one easy step.

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contact management feature in Zola Suite

Zola’s built-in business and trust accounting, timekeeping and matter management provides access to comprehensive reports and key metrics. Generate Referral Reports, review work in progress, timekeeper productivity and your balance sheet. Run three-way reconciliation reports to stay in compliance with state trust accounting regulations and much more.

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Zola Suite statistics

Zola CRM is a lead management tool that is designed to help lawyers capture, track and cultivate leads so your firm can retain more clients and become more efficient. With the click of a button, you can convert a lead into a Matter in Zola Suite.

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Zola CRM dashboard

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