Zola’s email client seamlessly manages case-related messages without unwieldy workarounds. Our Smart Suggest system finds case-related contacts with ease, helping to prevent misaddressing of confidential messages and automatically filing emails for each respective case.

Ultra fast work flow and additional benefits, such as:

  1. Vastly reduced likelihood of sending an email to the wrong recipient.
  2. Automatic copying of an email to the matter’s Communications tab, obviating the need to Cc staff and making the email searchable by any user who has access permission.
  3. Automatic highlighting of a list of all matter-related documents so there is no need to browse through folder hierarchies when sending attachments.
  4. Emailing anyone in your Contacts list with a single click instead of having to copy the address to clipboard and switch applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do firms have to migrate from an existing provider if they want to use Zola’s email features?

There is almost never a need to migrate. Zola is compatible with most IMAP and Microsoft Exchange-based email providers including 1and1, GoDaddy, Rackspace, Gmail, and Office 365.

Can users continue to use Outlook, iPhone Mail or other applications?

Zola is simply another device that connects to your email server. Anything you do on Zola will be reflected in other applications, including replying, forwarding, deleting, moving, reporting as SPAM and flagging as important.

Can Zola send mail from Zola’s iOS and Android apps?

In the Zola iOS or Android App, if you select a Contact, either directly or through the Matters list, you can just tap on the mail icon and compose your message. Your primary email signature will be appended to your message by default.

What if a firm doesn’t have an IMAP or Exchange-based email provider? Does Zola provide email services?

We can help you migrate or set you up on new services with our partner providers at no charge.

How does Zola handle emails that are personal or otherwise unrelated to a matter?

Since Zola offers a full-featured email client, you can use it to email or reply to any contact. However, Zola will only save emails that are associated with a Matter. (A copy of the email will still be in the Sent folder of your email account.)

Can invoices be emailed directly from Zola?

Yes, on the Invoices page (or Invoices tab of a Matter) you can select one or more invoices and email them to a client with as few as two clicks.

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