Document Automation

Generate documents and correspondence with ease using our integrated form builder.

Retainer agreements. Medical Request Letters. Nondisclosure Agreements.

In today’s competitive environment, clients won’t pay for time spent drafting custom documents for every situation. You need a simple solution to automatically generate forms using matter-related information. Enter Zola’s form builder, the document automation tool that is designed to streamline your practice without requiring you or your team to take a course in programming to make it happen.

Start with the Forms You’re Already Using

Whether you’ve been practicing for years or just starting out, you undoubtedly have your library of standard forms that you use repeatedly. Why waste time creating new forms for each case by inputting matter specific data that is already entered into Zola Suite? Zola’s form builder will help you create a document template using Word™. Once you have identified the unique data such as names, addresses, or case name contained in the form, you can create templates that can be used again and again. One click will generate beautiful, formatted, matter-related documents.

Custom Fields on the Fly

So now you know that by using the information you’ve already input into Zola Suite, you can with generate documents with one click. But what if you have forms that contain specific information that isn’t already in Zola, such as date of accident or name and address of the court where a case was filed? No sweat. With Zola’s easy-to-use custom merge field builder you can create unique custom fields. Once you’ve created the field and input the relevant information, you’ll be good to go.

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