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Zola Suite’s Custom Portal Apps for Law Firms

Impress Clients with Custom Branded portal App

Are you looking for a way to provide your clients with a convenient, secure and unique means of communication that not only impresses your clients and colleagues, but will streamline payment of your legal fees? Welcome to Caseway™ Mobile.

Available exclusively to Zola Suite subscribers, Caseway™ Mobile provides your law firm with a unique, encrypted portal for your clients to share privileged information with you and your colleagues through their mobile device. These native iOS and Android mobile apps are “white-labeled” with your law firm’s logo, have 256-bit, bank level encryption, and touch id authentication allowing your clients to transmit documents, photos, and even pay their legal invoices safely and securely.

Download From Apple app store
Download From Google play
  • Branded with your logo and colors
  • Securely send and receive documents
  • Share invoices
  • Securely receive payment
  • Apple TouchID and Android fingerprint scanner support
  • Secure messaging coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get Caseway™ Mobile?

    Contact your Zola Client Support Specialist to get started.

  • Is Caseway™ Mobile included with my Zola Suite subscription?

    There is a one-time development fee for creating your firm’s unique iOS and Android mobile apps. Once you have paid the development fee, your clients can download the apps for free onto their smartphones from the Apple or Android app stores.

  • Is it secure?

    Caseway™ Mobile has all of the security features of Caseway™, our client portal, but is designed to be accessed through a smartphone. Caseway™ uses 256-bit, bank level encryption, uses multi-factor authentication (which is a techie way of saying we make sure the recipient verifies the account with a text message plus email address) plus fingerprint recognition. All data which is transmitted from Zola’s servers to your devices are done so via bank-grade SSL encryption that prevents digital eavesdropping by unauthorized parties. This ensures your data is safe even when using non-secure public WiFi access points.

  • How does it work?

    Caseway™ Mobile is designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as Zola Suite. Your clients will be able to download the app from the Apple or Android app store and getting started is breeze. Once they activate the portal using multi-factor authentication, they will be able to securely send documents, photos, review and pay any outstanding invoices through their smartphone. And of course, any documents shared through Caseway™ Mobile will be tied to its related matter in Zola Suite. We can even provide you with a client alert or blog post telling your clients and colleagues about your new, secure, branded app.

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