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Zola Suite Feature Spotlight: LEDES Budgeting

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Electronic, or LEDES billing is a necessary, and often dreaded, process at many law firms. Between enforcing timekeeping with the appropriate LEDES codes, generating invoices that are in alignment with the client’s requirements and successfully submitting these invoices to various clearinghouses, e-billing can be time-consuming and downright frustrating for the back-office.

With Zola’s advanced LEDES tools, firms can reduce friction in the e-billing workflow and get paid faster. These features include LEDES invoices supporting various formats and the option to create custom codes, along with the bulk downloading of LEDES invoices.

Firms can also set a budget for individual LEDES codes within a LEDES-based matter. Firms can see billed amounts against the total budget as the case progresses.

image of LEDES budgeting feature in Zola Suite

To see Zola Suite’s robust LEDES billing tools in action and how they can help increase efficiency in your law firm, schedule a demo today.

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