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Zola Suite Feature Spotlight: Document Management Tools

Matter ManagementUpdates from Zola
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Most legal matters involve hundreds of documents, many of which have numerous iterations along the way. Zola Suite’s robust document management system not only helps firms efficiently manage these files, but also offers interoperability with Zola’s other native matter management tools, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

With Zola Suite’s Document Management tools, firms can easily store any file type and track every change made with real-time versioning.

All documents uploaded to the Zola Suite platform are immediately indexed, so in-document searches can easily be conducted by users. Once uploaded, team members can preview a document, video or audio file in Zola Suite without having to download it to the appropriate program. Zola’s preview feature is also available for email attachments for both inbound and outbound messages.

document previews screenshot

Jumping in between softwares and applications can be time-consuming. That’s why now you can edit documents (in .DOCX format) without ever leaving Zola Suite. Zola will create a new version with each round of edits to ensure no information is ever lost. At any time, an older version can be restored to the current version with the click of a button.

Firms can also easily merge files of virtually any type into a single PDF Portfolio document, which can easily be shared with clients and colleagues using Zola’s portfolio generator.

portfolio generator screenshot


We are firm believers in our vision “Built-in, not Tacked-on”; however, Zola Suite still supports integrations with leading technology partners to help streamline your law firm’s processes. Zola Suite’s integration with NetDocuments allows users to access documents from their NetDocuments account within Zola Suite. Users also have the ability to create a NetDocuments Workspace within Zola Suite so they never have to toggle between two applications.NetDocuments within Zola Suite

Zola Suite also has an industry-leading integration with Worldox which gives users the ability to easily upload and access all documents stored with Worldox directly through Zola Suite.

To see Zola Suite’s Document features in action, schedule a demo today.

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