Legal Billing, Trust Accounting & Business Accounting for Law Firms

Legal billing software with powerful time and billing, and complete accounting features that maximize efficiency and revenue. Zola Suite offers more than 11 ways to create time entries and the ability to generate highly customizable and visually beautiful invoices. Support for UTBMS codes and LEDES invoicing. Advanced reports that provide real-time visibility across the firm’s practice without relying on integrations with outside accounting applications. Download account activity from major financial institutions. Create accounts payable checks as well as trust checks, process payments, perform batch billing and much more.

Use our QuickBooks Online Integration or Zola Suite’s Built-in Accounting Platform for powerful matter-centric legal accounting capabilities.

Timers from the Zola Suite Legal Billing Software

Multiple Ways to Capture & Bill for Time

  • Create multiple timers as needed
  • Automatic timers for case-related emails and phone call notes
  • Designate calendar events as billable time
  • Convert Tasks and Activity Log entries to time entries
  • Track time remotely on your iOS or Android device
  • Start time on desktop and continue with your mobile device
  • Narrative templates show time entry descriptions


  • “No Charge” and “No Charge Don’t Show” options
  • Flat fee matters automatically default to “No Charge Don’t Show” entries
  • Designate round up increments (e.g. 6 minutes) on a per matter basis
  • Enter time in either decimals or HH:MM
  • Supports UTBMS codes for LEDES invoices
Time Entry Form For Law Firm Billing

Matter User Rates

Powerful time and billing capabilities, trust accounting and built-in business accounting in a single, synergistic package.

Including Hourly Rates in Legal Billing Software

Adding Expenses to Legal Accounting Software


  • Record expenses for each matter
  • Supports UTBMS codes for LEDES invoices
  • Option to charge soft costs to client

Invoice Unbilled Activities

  • Filter unbilled activities by a wide range of criteria
  • Bill all unbilled activities or select entries individually
Unbilled Activity Report
Easy Invoice Creation from Zola Suite


  • “Retina Ready” high-resolution logos
  • Customize rows, columns, fonts, and colors
  • Line item and invoice level discounts
  • Supports UTBMS codes and LEDES invoices
  • Optionally to include balances for matters and clients

Retainer / Trust Fund Management

  • Manage retainers for operating and/or trust accounts
  • Receive a notification when retainers fall below designated balances
  • View/Print ledgers on matter basis
  • View/Print trust account summary with sub-ledgers for each matter
  • 3-way reconciliation report for trust accounts
Account Balance Summary Reporting
BIlling Software Interface for a New Retainer

Credit Card Payments

  • Accept credit cards using Zola Payments, powered by LawPay, for retainers or as direct payment for invoices
  • Clients can pay for invoices on Zola’s Caseway™ Client Portal with credit cards

Get paid Via a Secure Portal, Branded for Your Firm

Share invoices securely using Zola’s Caseway™ Mobile mobile app and enable your clients to make credit card payments using your LawPay account

Secure Billing Portal with Your Law Firm's Branding
Check Printing Interface from the Accounting Software


  • Write checks for vendors
  • Option to pass on expenses for matters for full or partial payment of check amount
  • Print on standard 3-part check sheets

Trust Checks

  • Draw only from trust account (Cannot select operating accounts)
  • Selection of a Matter is required (only matters with a positive balance are displayed)
  • Cannot overdraw Matter’s ledger balance
  • Print on standard 3-part check sheets

Interface for Generating Trust Checks


Optional Pre-Billing / Draft invoices

Need to have the responsible attorney on the matter review invoices before sending them out to clients for payment? Zola Suite’s powerful pre-bill options allow your firm to implement a wide range of billing workflows.

Pre Billing

Evergreen retainers

Get alerts when trust funds or operating retainers run below a pre-specified amount on a per- matter basis

Evergreen Retainer Functionality is Built-In with Zola Suite


Rate Cards

Save time managing rates with Rate Cards. You can assign Rate Cards with custom user rates to any matter. You can also apply a set discount against all users’ rates assigned from a rate card for a particular matter. Clients can also have a preferred Rate Card which is automatically inherited by any matter you create for that client.

Save time managing rates with Rate Cards


Advanced Compensation: Split Origination/Responsible Attorney Report retainers

Advanced compensation reports that show billed, collected, responsible and originating.

Disclaimer: not available on all plans. Сontact us for more information.

Advanced Compensation: Split Origination/Responsible Attorney Report retainers


Reporting and Analytics

Powerful time and billing capabilities, trust accounting and built-in business accounting in a single, synergistic package.

Zola Suite admin dashboard

Client Reports

AR Aging Summary

Total amount of unpaid invoices, grouped by Client, Matter and various levels of delinquency

Statement of Account

List of invoices and payments for a particular Client or Matter

Sales Tax

Shows information about sales tax amounts collected for a particular duration

Client Payments

A listing of all payments from clients

Compensation Reports


Realized and unrealized revenues from Matters introduced by specific referral resources

Originating Attorney

Realized and unrealized revenues from Matters, grouped by Originating Attorney

Split Compensation

Detailed View of Fees split by matter Origination/Responsible rates

Fee Allocation

Detailed view of Fees, Soft Cost and Hard costs that have been collected by Matter and User

Productivity Reports

Work in Progress

Summary of unbilled fees and disbursements

Flat Fee Productivity

Review hours worked and collections for Flat Fee Matters

Timekeeper Productivity

Review billable hours and realization rate by timekeeper

Billable Hours Recap

Daily, Weekly and Monthly view of Billable and Non-Billable Time Entries by Timekeeper

Billed and Collected

Billed and Collected fees grouped by User, Practice Area or Location

Trust Reports

Three-way Reconciliation

Confirm that your bank balance, book balance and sum of trust balances are in check

Trust Account Ledger Summary

Listing of all trust balances within each trust account


A summary of un-billed fees, expenses, AR, unused Trust and Operating funds by Matter

Accounting Reports

General Ledger

A complete record of transactions, grouped by accounts

Profit and Loss

Also known as an Income Statement, shows your total income and expenses over a period of time

Balance Sheet

A statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital at a particular point in time

Chart of Accounts

A listing of all accounts used in the general ledger

Trial Balance

A listing of the last balances for each account as of a particular date

Vendor Payments

A listing of payment totals made to Vendors and Contacts

Account Reconciliation

A listing of all reconciliations


A listing of all write-offs

AP Aging Summary

Outstanding payments to vendors grouped by aging period


Vendor Bill Accounts Payable Management

  • Manage Vendor Bills and Accounts Payable
  • Generate 1099s

Vendor Bill Accounts Payable Management

Download Bank and Credit Card Activity From Over 5,000 Institutions

Reconcile your accounts and assign individual transactions as billable expenses with just a few clicks.

Billing Software that Can Automatically Download Bank Activity

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