Legal Billing, Trust Accounting & Business Accounting for Law Firms

Powerful time and billing capabilities, trust accounting
and built-in business accounting in a single, synergistic package.

Multiple Ways to Capture & Bill for Time

  • Create multiple timers as needed
  • Automatic timers for case-related emails and phone call notes
  • Designate calendar events as billable time
  • Convert Tasks and Activity Log entries to time entries
  • Track time remotely on your iOS or Android device
  • Start time on desktop and continue with your mobile device

Time Entry

  • “No Charge” and “No Charge Don’t Show” options
  • Flat fee matters automatically default to “No Charge Don’t Show” entries
  • Designate round up increments (e.g. 6 minutes) on a per matter basis
  • Enter time in either decimals or HH:MM
  • Supports UTBMS codes for LEDES invoices

Matter User Rates
Set custom rates by user within a Matter

Set Rates by User Matter



  • Record expenses for each matter
  • Supports UTBMS codes for LEDES invoices
  • Option to charge soft costs to client

Invoice Unbilled Activities

  • Filter unbilled activities by a wide range of criteria
  • Bill all unbilled activities or select entries individually
Invoice Unbilled Activities
New Trust Check


  • “Retina Ready” high resolution logos
  • Customize rows, columns, fonts and colors
  • Line item and invoice level discounts
  • Supports UTBMS codes and LEDES invoices
  • Optionally to include balances for
    • Trust Account
    • Operating Account
    • Cumulative outstanding balances per client and per matter

Retainer / Trust Fund Management

  • Manage retainers for operating and/or trust accounts
  • Receive notification when retainers fall below designated balances
  • View/Print ledgers on matter basis
  • View/Print trust account summary with sub-ledgers for each matter
  • 3-way reconciliation report for trust accounts
Advanced Time Entry
Law Pay

LawPay® Integration

  • Accept credit cards using LawPay for retainers or as direct payment for invoices
  • Clients can pay for invoices on Zola’s Caseway Portal with credit cards using Caseway

Get paid Via a Secure Portal, Branded for Your Firm

Share invoices securely using Zola’s Caseway Edge™ mobile app and enable
your clients to make credit card payments using your LawPay account

Set Rates by User Matter


  • Write checks for vendors
  • Option to pass on expenses for matters for full or partial payment of check amount
  • Print on standard 3-part check sheets

Trust Checks

  • Draw only from trust account (Cannot select operating accounts)
  • Selection of a Matter is required (only matters with a positive balance are displayed)
  • Cannot overdraw Matter’s ledger balance
  • Print on standard 3-part check sheets

Reporting and Analytics
Keep your finger on the pulse of your practice with a wide range of reports

Set Rates by User Matter

Download Bank and Credit Card Activity

Download Bank and Credit Card Activity

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