Our Vision

To empower law firms with the ultimate, fully-integrated legal practice success platform imbued with these guiding principles:

  • Individuals and organizations EXCEL when equipped with the RIGHT TOOLS
  • What isn’t MEASURED cannot be IMPROVED
  • It is impossible to achieve SCALE without a SYSTEMATIC APPROACH

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to bring the power of a 360-degree, integrated practice management system to law firms, freeing them from wrestling with a hairball of external applications and enabling them to be more efficient, agile and profitable. Founded by technology entrepreneur and attorney Fred Cohen, Zola is designed to supercharge law firm operations with an unprecedented level of capabilities, using desktop and mobile interfaces that are intuitive, fast and engaging.

The Power of One

Zola enforces organization, streamlines workflow and facilitates collaboration by incorporating best-in-class case management capabilities, a powerful accounting system and a fully integrated email client in a single synergistic application.

Ready to supercharge your law practice?