Why Users Love Zola Suite

The software is very intuitive making the transition from other software a snap

This software loads fast and is streamlined and instinctive. I am a former Abacus user. It took me less than an hour to learn and master tasks in Zola Suite that it took me months to figure out on Abacus. In addition, the mobile app is huge if you are on the road. Even something as simple as being able to immediately create a timeslip for a phone call you may have had with a client while waiting during a court recess is huge. It monetizes something you may as soon forget about when you return to the office. This means Zola Suite could very well pay for itself based upon revenue you don’t lose.

Eric DiMarzio
The Law Office Of Eric P. DiMarzio

An all inclusive package at a great value

Choosing Zola Suite was quite the process for me, but in the end I went with Zola Suite because of the integrated email and the fact that the accounting software is included. The integration with Outlook (email and calendar) has worked out very well. I also found the software to be fairly intuitive. Customer Service has been very responsive when I’ve needed to contact them (usually less than 12 hrs definitely within 24). I do a number of pro bono cases and like that I can track the time and create invoices showing the time without a charge by simply checking a box.

Sonya Butts
Law Offices Of Sonya J. Butts

Zola was the answer I was looking for - big firm software functionality at a reasonable price.

The seamless integration with Gmail and Google Calendar sets Zola above the competition. For anyone who currently relies on Gmail and Google Calendar Zola is a no-brainer. The calendaring features and task management tools are robust and the reminder options for SMS and Email put Zola over the top.

Zachary Lynn
Law Office of Zachary Lynn

Everything I wanted!

Zolasuite has integrated every function I wanted – and a few that I didn’t know I wanted – into an easy to use, web-based client management system. My Outlook syncs with Zola so that emails are automatically saved to the client folder! My personal Google calendar can sync to the system so my personal appointments show on my work calendar, too. The tasks creation options have streamlined my practice. Love this system.

Channa Borman
C.E. Borman & Associates

Great customer service

We researched what program to switch to for a long time before we decided on Zola. It has all the functions in one place that we require for our law firm. We absolutely love the customer service. Any time we have an issue or notice a function that we wish Zola had they immediately take care of it and even add the functions we prefer.

Kasondra Smith
Smith Law Firm

Having the mobile features available to me when I am not in the office and having the entire suite available essentially through any web browser is a huge advantage

Johnson & Krol, LLC

User friendly system

What I like most about Zola is the easy access to email on the front screen. I also like how you can enter events into the calendar from the email.

Lorienne Nseka
Cohen, LLC

This product has given me nothing but a great experience

Zola is easy to use and understand. It makes my day to day life as a paralegal easier. Zola helps me maintain client files so I don’t have to store so much paper. I can document phone calls and invoices. It benefits my company significantly.

Mz Biggs

Easy to use software that easily integrated my e-mail and calendar making billing and storing easy.

Intuitive interface; easily syncs with G Suite. I took a demo of all of the top practice management programs and ended up going with Zola. I found the software is the easiest to use and worked well with how I like to organize my files. Honestly, cannot say enough great things about my experience thus far.

Edward Welch
Welch Law, PLLC

Very easy to learn how to use. Customer Service is very helpful.

Timekeeping, remote access, ease of file searches, organization are four of the few many aspects of this software that allows us to continue our day-to-day operations with much efficiency and success.

Nicholas Ianos
Curcio, Mirzaian, Sirot LLC

The ability to keep everything in one place is hugely helpful for us

907 Legal

Such an easy program to use

Everything is integrated in an easy web based platform that is user friendly and intuitive. You can easily work, bill, handle emails and documents all in one place.

Sanaz Sekercioglu
Bessette & Alempour, PLLC

Practice management that understands that this is a business I'm running

The two big things that Zola gets right are the accounting component and work flow for billing. Before trying Zola, I tried manual spreadsheets, FreshBooks, Harvest, CaseOne, Clio, Xero, ebility, and probably some others. None of them got out of the way and let me run a business like Zola does. Yes, they assume that I have a dedicated office manager, but even when I do, why would I want to do that to them? Zola is a better platform because other sites that relay on integrations to other apps mean they have one-way sync and one-way is stupid for billing because I need it to be in one place not two.

Andrew Platt
L&S Counselors

Love this software

My favorite thing about this software is being able to access every case and document from anywhere. I also love the way that emails can be attached to cases eliminating the need to search through emails every time I have to go back.

Verified Capterra User

This is the most comprehensive Legal CMS in its price range, by far!

The interface is intuitive so I can easily teach myself as I go. I like that almost every option is customizable to look and feel the way I want it to – without having to jump through a zillion special hoops for the customization process. Just a click or two and I’m done.

Billie Morelli
Billie R. Morelli, PLLC

It really is an excellent product and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to any attorney

Antonio Valiente
Valiente Law

User Friendly!

It is easy to access and never really gives us any trouble. I love that the product is user friendly and the e-mail integration makes it easy to keep track of cases.

Evelyn Raxon
Mirer Mazzocchi Julien & Chickedantz, PLLC

A comprehensive system that meets all of my practice management needs

The RPost (e-mail encryption and e-signatures) and LawPay integrations, along with all of Zola Suite’s inherent features (case management, custom forms, document automation, document management, excellent time tracking, client portal, business and trust accounting, etc.) provide a seamless and paperless process from client intake and e-signature of the engagement letter to getting the work done to billing and receipt of payment. And, I don’t have to worry about learning how to use another piece of software to manage my firm’s books and trust account. The iOS app is fantastic and allows me to practice from any location where internet or cellular service is available. The system is easy to use and quite intuitive. Zola’s knowledge base website and tutorial videos fill in any gaps on learning a few of the features that are less intuitive. Customer service has been very responsive on the two occasions I have contacted them. Overall, the more that I use Zola Suite, the more convinced I become about the wisdom of going with them for my law practice management system.

James McMahon
James McMahon, Attorney & Counselor at Law

What I like best about Zola is that it's an integrated package

Stephen Silverberg
Law Office of Stephen J. Silverberg, PC

I have used almost every legal software available. Zola is by far the most user friendly!

Zola customer service is prompt and very helpful. The software is user friendly and easy to navigate through. Time keeping and invoicing is very simple. We used to miss a lot of billable time not logging all emails, but with Zola once you open your email and select a matter the timer begins and is added to your matter time sheet when you click send! Zola seems to be updating their software often and offers new helpful features.

Kelly Lee
Red Hill Law Group

It's different than other software that's out there because it's all in one and you can take it wherever you go

Nicole Almeida Sinder
Valiente Law

Finally ... a forward-thinking, cutting edge solution combining full functionality and ease of use.

The email integration is a revelation. Not only does it allow me to organize all email by matter, the automatic timer that creates a time entry for every email pays for the subscription by itself. Document management and automation are both outstanding in Zola. The user interface is outstanding. Every screen is logically laid out, packed with all the information I want to see at a glance, and visually appealing (don’t underestimate the value there – if it’s irritating to look at, you won’t want to use it). The integrated accounting solution is excellent, including the ability to write checks directly from Zola. Everything about Zola suggests that this solution combines the ability to cover all of the usual practice management bases (calendar, tasks, time entry, etc) with the vision to develop and incorporate new, innovative features that will set new industry standards and to rethink how the ordinary can be done more efficiently. The option of creating a custom-branded app for your practice is just one example of what sets Zola apart. Another is the email integration with R-Post, providing the ability to send encrypted, registered email that provides proof of delivery and receipt. Litigators will love that capability. I’ve tried all the industry leaders, and I have finally found a long-term solution.

Joe Breshears
Breshears Law Firm

Zola is everything I need to run my firm- all in one place.

I love that I am able to create forms; easily save emails and attachments to matters; and manage my billing and trust accounts – all without ever leaving Zola. I have tried other case management software- and this one is, by far, the most intuitive and easy to use.

Mindy Yocum
Yocum Law Office

The overall feature that I like is the simplicity of the app and the intuitive nature of it's functions

Jerry L. Garner
Law Office of Jerry L. Garner

I love this software, and I am picky.

It is fast, intuitive, and easy to use. No kidding – you don’t have to watch hours of training videos to use it. This system is obviously designed by lawyers for lawyers. It handles all the essential functions of a modern law office, including emails with an easy interface. Intuitive software to manage my cases, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

Catherine Blackburn
Blackburn Law Firm, PLLC

Best I have used so far

Ease of use, flat pricing that includes trust accounting. I have been working in legal services for 20 years and have tried many practice management platforms. Zola Suite is by far the best I have tried. Super easy to use, straight forward pricing, lots of great functions that are actually useful. I would recommend to any practitioner.

Jill Santiago
Jill M. Santiago Attorney at Law

Peace of mind

I can remember back to 2000. Trying to get on the cutting edge was expensive! And lumpy. From that point forward I have been looking for something that would be easy to train staff to use and something that could become second nature. Zola is that something. I don’t know if it is the dashboard, the color coding, or the customer service built into the platform but it is a pleasure to use. I do not feel like I am training because it has been fun to learn new ways to enter information and manage my practice. And having customer service be responsive and take part in my journey is a bonus. Overall the matter, calendar and security email are effortless.

Charles Irvin
Irvin Law PLLC

Great Experience

It makes communicating between everyone in the office very easy. We are able to work collaboratively without worry about which version we are working off of. And it provides a great way for us to pass information.

Travis Dafoe
Dafoe Law, PLLC

Zola gets rid of a lot of duplicate effort and trips across the office to talk about what's been done because everything is just right there

Sam Cannon
Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt, LLC

Love Zola Suite

I did a bunch of research before purchasing my management software and I found Zola was the best. I’ve been proven right again and again. LOVE ZOLA!

Lauren Medel
The Law Office of Lauren C Medel, PLLC

Great product which keeps getting better & customer service can't be beat

Great user interface. Reliable. Excellent customer service. Consistent updates making the product even better & adding new features (without charging you more for them). Zola Suite is an excellent product which delivers in every advertised aspect. You get exactly what they tell you will get. In the 6+ months I’ve used Zola Suite I am continuously impressed by the features the product contains (and the list grows on a weekly basis by way of updates that happen in the background). When I began using Zola Suite there were lots of features that weren’t necessary for me as a solo-practitioner who just started his own firm. However, now that I have a secretary and two paralegals, I see how helpful & useful all the functions are that several months ago I did not even see a need for. Zola is an excellent company, run by people with a true passion for the work they do and the product they are selling. The couple times I have had issues that necessitated my calling customer support, someone was always on the other end of the line right away, they addressed my concerns & if they couldn’t, they assured me whatever issue would be brought up to the developers to come up with a fix ASAP. And on the few occasions, I had an issue they couldn’t immediately remedy, they lived to their promise that it was fixed within a couple days.

Antonio Valiente
Valiente Law, P.A.

The caseway edge has helped my firm collaborate with closers and clients by offering a feature that no other law firm offers in, this feature has been so vital to the growth of my firm

Ahmed Motiwala
M&A Law Firm, P.C


I have tried virtually every case management software in a search to find one that suits my small law firm’s needs. Zola Suite was the last on my list and I won’t be trying any others. Zola Suite has everything I need – accounting, tracking for billable hours, compact and sleek storage for the firm’s contacts, and an intuitive matter management system. It has a pretty great internal email too that syncs with my gmail and allows me to save emails to cases. Basically, it’s beautiful and it saves time. It’s great. Of course, it’s not perfect – nothing ever is. But the difference with Zola is it’s customer service. The software can be improved, of course, and Zola understands this. That’s why Zola encourages its users to submit comments and suggestions regarding the software – so that they can actively make it better. And they most certainly do. The customer service is incredible. These guys really care about their users and they definitely strive to make mine and our experience a great one. I strongly recommend Zola to everyone in need of a case management software. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll be wondering how you could ever work without it.

Bryan Ramos
Cass Ramos Law Firm

Comprehensive, easy to use, and well-supported

As a practice management solution, Zola offers us an attractively designed, comprehensive suite of tools integrated into one browser window (or mobile app), available on-the-go, from any location with access to the Internet. Getting started with Zola was easy and, unlike other products we’ve used, did not require the added expense of expert consultants to set up. And in an era when customer service can easily make or break an experience, Zola’s best feature — hands down — is its team.

Ben Brouwer
Lennington Law Firm, PLLC

Awesome product

We’ve been using this product for some time and we have a really positive experience with both the product and service. It’s simple to use, available on our phones wherever we go (cloud based) and with all the moving parts in our growing T & E practice its able to keep things organized, simple and flexible. Integration with email is awesome and our staff gets a sense that your team is continually improving and adding options which makes it even more exciting. Would definitely recommend your platform and team to other firms. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Paul Moskowitz
Moskowitz Legal Group

Everything in one place and I do mean evertyhing

We migrated from using 3 different systems to Zola last year. Its super convenient to be able to run practically everything including email, calendar, document management, matter tracking and accounting with a single login. Zola has deep functionality throughout all its features and interface is super clean and really beautiful.

Joel Schwartz
Joel Schwartz, Esq.

Zola is the most intuitive and well contemplated attorney software on the market.

Zola keeps my practice organized, efficient, and profitable. It has genuinely changed my firm for the better. Since I began using Zola I spend far less time compiling billable hours and searching for missing disbursements, and more time improving my firm.

John Coco
Law Offices of John Coco, PLLC

Features Galore, Super Easy to Use Interface

Zola is perfect for firms that are looking for an end to end solution. It’s very easy to use and implement. Email integration makes it a game changer. Other features we really like are ability customize searches and reports, creating custom workflows and checklists and business card scanner on the mobile apps.

Michael Kohan
Kohan Law Group

Responsive, personalized service makes this a great product, especially for smaller firms

Incredibly quick and efficient responses to tech support and troubleshooting questions, very responsive to requests for improvements and features to software, and constant updates to reflect user input and improve practices. Great product if you don’t need complicated features and excessive bells and whistles and value personalized, responsive service. The ability to have concrete input into improvements that actually get implemented is the best part of this product.

Ramey Ko
The Ko Law Firm, PLLC

Zola makes my job easier and makes me more efficient.

Using Zola has made me more organized, efficient, and mobile. I can assign tasks to paralegals and keep track of their work, I can quickly pull up any document in a client’s file, and I can take the entire program with me on my phone or laptop to use in court. I use the calendar portion to keep track of my court dates and can access it easily from either the Zola app or have it work together with my phone’s calendar.

Verified G2Crowd User

Attorney in small firm using Zola to manage contacts, files, and billings

The unlimited cloud storage is a definite strength of Zola. I’ve also found the matter management and billing interfaces to be easy to use. Zola is the only cloud-based program I’ve found with email integrated directly into the program. Its seamless and immensely helpful in keeping correspondence current and organized.

Verified G2Crowd User

Amazing, cost effective Practice Management SaaS Platform

Zola allows me to work from anywhere in the world and with a fraction of the overhead of many firms. As a solo practitioner, it is imperative that I be as efficient as possible and not having to have a separate admin assistant is such a cost savings and allows me to be more efficient for my clients. The platform has been amazing and I have already recommended to my colleagues, some of whom are now subscribers.

Todd Bartos
The Bartos Group, LLC

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