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Upcoming Features

Want to take a sneak peak at our upcoming feature releases? While we still have to keep some of the neat new things on our road-map a closely guarded secret, we are able to divulge others.



  • Load documents from web and automatically save back and version.  Works with virtually all types of documents.
  • Directly access your Zola Suite files through your Windows or MacOS file system
  • Limit user access to matter folders based on privileges set for each matter
  • Other powerful document-centric features

Zola Chat

  • Enhance collaboration with your team with a slick chat application
  • Optionally create “channels” for matter-related discussions

Top Secret

  • A powerful mobile feature that will enable groundbreaking communication possibilities

Court Calendar Rules

  • Access court rules relevant to a wide range of courts and jurisdictions, including federal, bankruptcy, appellate and state rules from all 50 states
  • Zola Suite will automatically calendar court dates and related tasks in relation to a trigger date

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