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Law Firm Accounting: It Is Not the Same!!!
(Part 1)

Your accountant may be great at handling small business accounting, but you need to be sure your accountant understands the differences between law firm accounting and other small business accounting requirements. It is your responsibility to make sure your books are correct. When vetting both accounting professionals and accounting software, having a basic understanding of the key distinctions between general business accounting and legal accounting can be critical to making the right decision for your firm. In this two-part series, you’ll find some core tenets of legal accounting that pose unique challenges when it comes to bookkeeping and reporting. Cash […]

Lawyer recording her billable hours for the month

Productivity and Profitability: Thinking Beyond the Billable Hour

How do you measure productivity and predict profitability?

With time-based billing, the simplest way is billable hours. How many hours can (and should) timekeepers work in a period of time and how many of the worked hours are billable? If we assume only two weeks of vacation per year and a forty-hour workweek, the formula will look something like this…

Three coworkers working on the firm's trust accounting

Trust Accounting Software 101

All law firms are required to maintain accounting records for client funds deposited in trust accounts. Finding the right software solution to assist with the necessary record-keeping for those funds requires a complete understanding of the bar association rules. Trust Accounting Basics Client funds are held by lawyers for many reasons. A lawyer may hold client property in connection with representation, settlement funds or legal fees and expenses paid in advance. Bar associations have very specific rules that regulate the safekeeping of client funds, and law firms are required to deposit these funds in a separate bank account to ensure […]

Woman with a face mask in an empty office

Returning to the Office – the New Normal

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted normal business life currently and for the foreseeable future. “Business as usual” is no longer a realistic expectation. We should expect a new normal once people are permitted to reoccupy their office space.

What should law firms do to ensure their employees’ safety and make certain that policies are compliant with revised labor laws and public safety?

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Minimizing Write-Offs and Maximizing Profits

Law firms cannot escape uncollectible fees and unrecoverable costs. Fees and disbursements that are not paid by a client have a direct effect on the firm’s profitability. Most service industries report income based on the cash method of accounting. As a result, income is recorded only when received. The only bad debt expenses will be the result of client costs that cannot be recovered. Any fees that are billed but not paid by the client represent lost income.

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Our Vision Has Never Been Clearer

This week, our team is heading to Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW. Every year, we look forward to this event: tech-loving legal professionals, interesting sessions, and countless product announcements, all make for a wonderful three days. This year is even more special, it’s Zola Suite’s fifth anniversary! That’s right, we officially unveiled Zola Suite at TECHSHOW 2015 in a slightly warmer Chicago (the event took place in April that year).

work from home essentials such as a computer, phone, cup of coffee

Work-From-Home Tech Essentials

During our recent ALA webcast, The Flexible Law Firm: Is your practice ready to embrace a work from home program?, there were dozens of questions around technology solutions required for successful implementation of a work-from-home program. You need the right devices, the right processes and the right software that enforce accountability, keep your team connected and make your data accessible (while keeping it secure).

woman typing on her computer at her kitchen table

Is your practice ready to embrace a work from home program?

A work-from-home policy presents many benefits and drawbacks for a modern law firm. With a virtual law office, your firm will save on monthly rent costs and is likely to experience less employee turnover. However, remotely participating in meetings with clients and employees can be challenging when employees must rely on technology alone for critical communication. Luckily, there are affordable technologies available that will alleviate some of these challenges.

Ready to supercharge your law practice?