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Securely Exchange Documents

As a legal professional, it’s your responsibility to take measures to ensure privileged information doesn’t get into the wrong hands. While email is convenient, it’s not the most secure way to send documents to clients and colleagues. Zola Caseway™, our secure client portal, is the perfect solution; with the click of a button, you can easily share files with clients. After creating an account, your clients can also upload documents for your firm’s review. Zola Caseway™ uses 256-bit, bank-level encryption giving you, and your clients, peace of mind.

Get Paid Faster

With Zola Caseway™, you can easily send invoices to clients in a matter of seconds. Clients can pay these bills through the portal with any major credit or debit card using Zola Payments, powered by LawPay.

comparison chart between Zola standard portal and Zola Signature portal

Zola Signature™ Portals: Elevate Your Brand and Make the Most of Every Touchpoint

Zola Signature™ Web Portal

Zola Signature™ web portal delivers an immersive branding experience for your clients. This white-label web portal ensures your firm is front and center in every interaction with clients and colleagues. From a custom login page (inclusive of your firm’s branding, imagery, colors, etc) to branded email notifications when new documents are added, your clients will continuously be reminded that your firm is efficient and accessible (and worth every penny in legal fees).

Zola Signature™ iOS and Android Apps

The Zola Signature™ iOS and Android Apps are the perfect addition to a firm’s digital portfolio. These apps are built with your firm’s branding in the forefront and are available through Google’s Play store and Apple’s App store, so all your clients will have access to this great tool. Once downloaded, your clients can use our TouchID technology to access their matter documents and invoices.

With our mobile scanning technology, clients can quickly capture documents and images which can then be shared with your firm, without ever leaving the app. Clients can also take a photo of the credit card they would like to use to pay an invoice; the system reads the information from the card and automatically process the payment — saving them time everytime they make a payment.

  • Branded with your logo and colors
  • Securely send and receive documents
  • Share invoices
  • Securely receive payment
  • Apple TouchID and Android fingerprint scanner support
  • Secure messaging coming soon

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