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Fred J. Cohen, Esq.

Fred J. Cohen, EsqFred J. Cohen, Esq, is the Founder, CEO and Chief Product Architect of Zola Media. He is particularly passionate about design and cutting-edge legal technology, which essentially means he gets to do what he loves every single day. He focuses his efforts on collaborating with our programming ninjas to continually enhance Zola Suite. The fact that Fred is a practicing attorney provides him with a unique perspective on how he can best adapt Zola Suite to meet the needs of today’s lawyers and law firms.

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What is your favorite part of your job?

  1. Our clients
  2. Our team
  3. Being immersed in design & technology

What are you most proud of during your time at Zola Suite?

Bringing together a brilliant team and having attained oodles of amazingly loyal clients.

What do you do to continuously strengthen your skill set?

I subscribe to a cornucopia of feeds from publications related to SEO, design, user interface, business and the law (CLEs). In the end, there is no substitute for doing, so I like to pull up my sleeves and get my hands dirty on a regular basis.

Name three words to describe the Zola team?

  1. Sagacious
  2. Convivial
  3. Demiurgic!

If you could be any font, what would you be?

Kalinga. It embodies understated elegance.

If you were on death-row, what would your last meal be?

If by firing squad, probably a few rounds of lead.

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