Zola Suite Partnership with RICOH Multifunction Printers Drives Efficiency

Zola Suite has teamed up with RICOH, allowing users to save scanned documents through RICOH’s Multifunction Printers directly into Zola Suite via the cloud. This will streamline document workflows for law firms, “truly bringing next generation capabilities to Zola’s document capture features,” says Fred Cohen, CEO of Zola Suite.

Zola Suite users can conserve scanned files straight to Zola Suite from the Smart Operation Panel on the Multifunction Printer. Yasuyuki Nomizu, the Corporate Vice President, Office Service Development Division of Ricoh Co., Ltd. stated, “when evaluating prospective integration partners, we look for products that are poised for growth, provide sound technology and strong leadership. The team at Zola brings all that to the legal vertical and we look forward to working with them as we continue to develop more features that will enhance law firm productivity.”

According to Allan Mackenzie, legal technologist, “Zola Suite continues to run ahead of the pack. High volume firms finally have the copy/scan to case management solution with a cloud backed platform.”

We are thrilled to partner with RICOH and increase efficiency for Zola Suite users and their practices.

Read the full press release here.

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