Microsoft Word Ribbon Plugin

What’s the Word for Efficient? Zola Suite’s Microsoft Word Ribbon Plugin

Zola Suite’s document management system is already easy and intuitive, but for Microsoft Word users, we’ve taken it to the next level. Zola’s Word Ribbon Plugin* makes opening or saving documents directly from Microsoft Word into the corresponding Zola Suite Matter a breeze.  No more upload and download. Open up Word, click on the Zola Suite tab and voilà, you can now:

  • Open matter-related documents from any matter folder or subfolder stored in Zola
  • Save new documents or new versions of existing documents directly into matters
  • See when the document was last updated, by whom and the size
  • Create new folders and subfolders within matters
  • Comment on documents, use existing or create new tags

Zola Suite Word Integration


*Works with Windows Desktop Versions 2013 and 2016

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