Clio vs. MyCase vs. Zola Suite Comparison Review

A 3-way review of select features of Clio vs. MyCase vs. Zola Suite. While both Clio and MyCase have been around for a while, they both rely on integrations with 3rd party applications for much of their functionality such as email and accounting. While evaluating Clio vs. MyCase, also consider Zola Suite’s next generation practice management software that relies on features that are built-in, not tacked-on.


Overview Clio MyCase
iPhone and Android App
Create one or more configurable matter views
Billing & Accounting
Billing & Accounting Clio MyCase
Trust Accounting
Trust Checks
3-Way Reconciliation of Trust Accounts
Cash and Accrual Business Accounting
Bulk Apply Trust Funds
Accounts Payable Management
Split Originating/ Responsible Report
Rate Cards
Bulk Email Invoices
Download bank and credit card activity from Major Financial Institutions to reconcile and convert to billable expense
Location and Departmental Accounting
LawPay® Support
LEDES Invoices
Email Clio MyCase
Method Uses special forwarding address for each matter. Have to manually forward or BCC each email. Uses special forwarding address for each matter. Have to manually forward or BCC each email. Outlook plugin and native email client directly connects to your existing account.
Smart Suggest Compose feature shows matter related contacts
* Patented
Convert Email to Tasks or Events
Auto create time entry when drafting email messages
Sent messages use your actual account and show in your sent items
Built-in email client
Microsoft Outlook® Plugin
Tasks Clio MyCase
QuickTask “mind-dump”
SMS Reminders
Assign to more than one recipient
Alerts for assignor when deadline missed
Due Time
Task Templates
Rich Text descriptions
Smart filters including view of overdue tasks you’ve delegated
Calendar Clio MyCase
Custom event categories
2-way Sync with Outlook and Gmail Does not sync invitee data
Subscribe to other users’ calendars
Support for recurring events
Ability to send real invites that can be “Accepted”
Invites sent using users’ actual email account
SMS Reminders
Notes Clio MyCase
Drag and drop
Rich text editing with ability to add images (rich text only)
Auto Save
Note Fields Create Date and Subject only Create Date and Subject only Create Date, Subject, Created By, Last Edited By, Last Edited Date
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps Clio MyCase
Built-in multi-page PDF Scanner
Business Card Scanner with OCR
Send mail using your actual account
Document Management & Assembly
Document Management & Assembly Clio MyCase
Open/Save documents directly to Microsoft Word for Windows
Open, edit and automatically save documents back to the respective matter; no uploading required
Document Assembly
Drag and Drop Form Builder for Data Collection
Document versioning, tagging, commenting, and ability to drag and drop between folders (versioning and tagging only)
In-document searching with AI enabled search (text search only)
(coming soon)
Client Portal Clio MyCase
Secure Portal
Portal invites and messaging from user’s account
Native, Branded Portal Apps for your firm (available)
Two-factor authentication on initial invite
CRM Clio MyCase
Manage prospects and automate intake (additional purchase required) (basic lead management only)
Pricing Clio MyCase
Monthly Per-User Fee (based on annual prepayment) $39-$99 $39 $59-$99



*Certain features are available only on Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans.

Zola Suite offers free migration for both Clio and MyCase users. Contact us for more information.

Comparison review last updated 6/11/2019. Clio is a trademark of Themis Solutions Inc. MyCase is a Trademark of Appfolio.

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