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Matter Management
We Love Everything About Spring… Except the Time Change
The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and Cadbury’s famous eggs are back on the store shelves! Spring is truly in the air! Everyone here at Zola is excited to see the seasons start to change, except for one thing - Daylight Savings. Sometimes it seems like we lose way more than an hour when we “spring forward” each March.
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Matter Management
Are You Bad at Remembering Names and Faces?  Is This Impeding Your Networking Success? Meet Your New Best Friend.
Does this sound familiar? You’ve just returned from a conference or other networking event and you have a pile of new business cards to go through. You get started following up with people (which is, as you know, the most important part of networking) only to realize that you have no idea who half the people are. This scenario played out enough times in the life of Fred Cohen, the CEO and Architect of Zola Suite, that he decided to do something about it when he developed the Zola Suite mobile app.
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