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work in progress report
Compensation and Performance Tracking
Work in Progress – is it worth it, now you know…
There are so many benefits to keeping track of your time: efficiency, organization, and responsibility. Once you figure out where specifically you are spending your time, you can then determine where improvements in your time management need to be made. Budgeting your time and allotting more time for higher priority tasks, will lead to fewer distractions, better organization, and more responsibility (and accountability).
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helmet safety
Law Firm Operations
All Of Your Client Data Is In The Cloud … Is This Safe?
At long last, the legal sector is getting with the program. Adoption of legal technology is on the rise. Lawyers are starting to use legal practice management software to enhance the productivity of their practices. With cloud-based applications, lawyers can easily store and access all of their legal documents and client information in one portable device in any location at any time of the day.
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gift box
Accounting & Reporting
Show Your Clients Some Love: Invoice Level Discounts
As an attorney, you are trained to keep track of every minute and bill accordingly. But what if you decide that you don’t want to bill your client for the extra time it has taken your new associate to research a topic related to their case? Or perhaps you’re feeling super generous and want to write-off the 20-minute conversation you had with your client updating them about their case. While you should be aware of every second spent sending emails, following up on payments, and learning a new skill, every second spent on a case may not be worth a check from your client.
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referral report
Compensation and Performance Tracking
Who deserves the love? (Zola Suite’s Referral Report will let you know)
We believe that in order for a law practice to thrive, it must operate like a business. A key component of operating like a business is understanding metrics and gaining insight in order to understand how the business is operating – what is working and what can be improved. This is displayed in our guiding principles – what isn’t MEASURED cannot be IMPROVED. As a result, we offer real-time data with comprehensive reports and analytics to help you better understand the business side of your practice.
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LEDES Electronic Invoices for Law Firms UTMBS
Timekeeping & Billing
Electronic / LEDES Invoices with UTBMS Codes
Every day there is more evidence that in order to stay competitive, lawyers need to harness technology to streamline their processes. The more sophisticated the client, the less tolerance they have for inefficiency. In our never ending quest to provide the right tools for law firms, Zola Suite is thrilled to now support electronic LEDES invoices with Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) Codes.
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Three way reconciliation
Accounting & Reporting
Client Trust Funds & Three-Way Reconciliation Report
As an attorney, there are no shortage of minefields that can land you in hot water.   While many of the dangers that lurk can be subjective or unavoidable, failing an audit of client trust funds is one that consistently strikes fear into one's heart.  Yet, keeping your trust funds in good order need not be a challenge if you employ the right process and software.
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Revenue by Referral Source report in Zola Suite
Accounting & Reporting
Do you know the “Current Truth” of your practice?
If you can’t get a real-time, 360-degree overview of your practice and its finances, you have little more than your intuition to help you make smart strategic decisions. This 360-degree knowledge is the “current truth” that informs you about your firm’s financial position and overall productivity. The trouble is, unlike mega corporations who have access to highly-customized applications and a small army of number crunchers, small (and midsize) law firms rely on disparate applications, each perform only a portion of the firm’s activities and hence there is no clear way to perform centralized reporting.
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Zola Suite mobile application
Matter Management
We Love Everything About Spring… Except the Time Change
The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and Cadbury’s famous eggs are back on the store shelves! Spring is truly in the air! Everyone here at Zola is excited to see the seasons start to change, except for one thing - Daylight Savings. Sometimes it seems like we lose way more than an hour when we “spring forward” each March.
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