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Worldox Comes to Zola Suite!

Since breaking with tradition and starting the next-generation cloud practice management movement (what we refer to as Cloud LPM 2.0) nearly six years ago, Zola Suite has helped tens of thousands of legal professionals work more efficiently, creating a synergistic solution that helps rid firms of disjointed applications for matter and financial management.

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Stuck in Neutral: Five Reasons Firms Fail to Scale

Has your firm’s growth stalled? Are you struggling to scale your operations or your team?

It’s often hard to pinpoint one reason why a firm seems to be stuck in neutral, cruising along but not accelerating. The cause is often a combination of things ranging from ineffective teams and poor processes to inadequate systems and subpar reporting. While restructuring your teams and bringing in fresh talent may not be an easy fix, correcting the processes and systems that are holding your practice back can be an easier feat to tackle; one that will yield immediate results and ultimately help you hit the gas on growth.

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The Elusive Zero Inbox

The average person spends 28% of the workweek reading and responding to email.

With so much of one’s day spent on this task, it should come as no surprise that numerous studies have shown that email can lead to anxiety. One of the major causes of this stress: it feels like it’s never done.

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The New Business Development Mantra That All Law Firms Should Live By

“A-B-C. A, always; B, be; C, closing. Always be closing! Always be closing!”

Made popular by Alec Baldwin’s character in “Glengarry Glen Ross,” it’s a line that’s all too familiar to salespeople and rainmakers. With greater access to data, however, there’s a new mantra that should be leveraged by all those in business development: A, always; B, be; C, collecting; D, data. Always be collecting data!

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It’s Officially TECHSHOW Time!

Next week, legal technology providers from around the world will come together in Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW. It’s always an exciting time of year with big feature announcements being made in the days leading up to the event. At Zola Suite, we don’t just make product updates to get in the headlines before the conference. In fact, last year we made 983 updates to improve our platform. In our offices, we care less about the “splash” and more about the impact of our software on our clients’ efficiency and profitability.

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