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Posts by Sarah Minischetti:

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How Relationships Can Propel Your Practice

Practicing law is more than advocating for clients by appearing in court, negotiating and preparing contracts or signing papers. The key to running a successful firm is managing and developing the business. Certainly, being a knowledgeable and highly-skilled attorney is essential to attracting and retaining clients, but it takes more to build a successful practice.

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Who deserves the love? (Zola Suite’s Referral Report will let you know)

We believe that in order for a law practice to thrive, it must operate like a business. A key component of operating like a business is understanding metrics and gaining insight in order to understand how the business is operating – what is working and what can be improved. This is displayed in our guiding principles – what isn’t MEASURED cannot be IMPROVED. As a result, we offer real-time data with comprehensive reports and analytics to help you better understand the business side of your practice.

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Who is Francine McGillicuddy and why is she writing to me?

Have you ever received an email from someone and couldn’t quite put your finger on who they were? Did you later find out that the email contact was a member of the case that you are working on? Your firm is consistently dealing with cases, clients, and other related individuals which makes it easy to lose track of what point of contact is associated with which matter.

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Say Goodbye to Sticky Notes

Freakonomics Radio recently did a really interesting podcast about handwriting. During the episode, they talked to regular people and experts about the pros and cons of moving from a pen and paper society to a digital one. Here at Zola, we have an on-going debate about pen and paper vs. digital notetaking, so it was exciting to listen to the podcast and hear that we are not the only people thinking about these things.

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Is Your New Hire On Track?

You are ambitious. You want your law firm to grow from an all-consuming practice to a thriving business. But how? Once you realize that your time is better spent doing those things you can’t offload – namely, enhancing your knowledge and reputation in your practice area and cultivating relationships with your clients and referral sources — it’s time to get some reinforcements. You need to hire an associate or a paralegal who can help you grow your firm and keep the work flowing. But, since it’s your reputation on the line, it’s crucial that your clients receive the same level of service that you provide to them without anything falling through the cracks. Zola Suite to the rescue!

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Are You Bad at Remembering Names and Faces?  Is This Impeding Your Networking Success? Meet Your New Best Friend.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve just returned from a conference or other networking event and you have a pile of new business cards to go through. You get started following up with people (which is, as you know, the most important part of networking) only to realize that you have no idea who half the people are. This scenario played out enough times in the life of Fred Cohen, the CEO and Architect of Zola Suite, that he decided to do something about it when he developed the Zola Suite mobile app.

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