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Posts by Sarah Minischetti:

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Let Your Firm’s Mobile App Show Your Clients that You Care

Every lawyer has been there. You need your client to get you time-sensitive, confidential documents and they can’t get to your office. Or you’ve been told “the check is in the mail” and you need to disburse funds that aren’t there. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a convenient, secure way for your clients to send you critical information and pay their invoices using their smartphone? Enter Caseway Mobile, a custom, branded portal application available exclusively to Zola Suite users that lets your clients share privileged information and pay their invoices via their mobile device. With this intuitive and user-friendly application, your clients are sure to keep your law firm in mind when they need you most.

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Streamline Your Process With Document Automation

Whether you’ve been practicing for years or just starting out, you undoubtedly have multiple simple form documents that you use again and again. When you think about the time you waste replacing the information and customizing the same document for each matter, it can really add up. Want to find a better way to streamline this process? Zola Suite’s document automation will do the trick!

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Keeping Client Confidentiality With Caseway Portal

With cyber security concerns on the rise, how can you safeguard sensitive information against security breaches?

To stay in contact with your clients on a regular basis, you probably use email as your preferred way to share and discuss details about their case. But as we’ve all read in the news, email is not the most secure way of sharing sensitive information. Without internal encryption, information shared between your practice and your clients may be intercepted by a third party.

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FL Bar CLE Requirement – One small step for technology. One giant leap for the legal profession.

Florida has become the first state to mandate technology CLEs. Beginning January 1st, Florida lawyers must complete a minimum of three extra credit hours of technology-related CLE courses, raising the standard to 33 hours every three years. The FL State Bar decided that lawyers within the state have a technological competence to protect and serve their clients as necessary.  Florida Bar Board of Governors member John Stewart stated, “[l]awyers now have to be familiar with social media issues, e-discovery, e-filing, legal outsourcing, web-based conferences, cloud computing and record keeping, how electronic records are stored and secured, webinars, protecting their electronic communications with clients, and other issues.”

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The Importance of UI and Why It Matters to Lawyers

A User Interface, or UI, is the series of visual elements that you interact with in a software program such as buttons, icons, screens, and pages. All of these elements contribute to the functionality and usability of the application. A successful UI has to be equally appealing to the eye and easily navigable, especially for those who would not consider themselves “techies” (perhaps this sounds like someone you know?). A well-designed interface can shorten the learning curve of an application, helping you perform tasks easier and faster without wasting billable time. For this very reason, some of the country’s most gifted designers, lawyers and technologists have been collaborating to apply legal design and innovation to legal products and services.

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Getting Your Legal Team to Buy Into TQM

“All anyone asks for is a chance to work with pride” – William Edwards Deming

The principles of total quality management (TQM), spearheaded by William Edwards Deming decades ago, continue to be exceptional tools for practicing attorneys. Given the competitive landscape currently facing the legal community, it is essential for any law firm to offer best-in-class service. After all, the name of the game is client satisfaction and their happiness drives referrals. These principles are not for rainmakers only, however, and it is critical for your entire team to buy into TQM.

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Task Management – Streamlining Your Firm’s Workflow

What are the unique steps your firm takes to complete tasks?

By now you’ve processed hundreds of new clients. You perform the same steps for every new client, but have no way of knowing their status in the process. With all the work you have on your plate, there is no time to run around the office, figuring out which member of your staff was in charge of each task and if they are on track.

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Making Your Move to “The Cloud”

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, by now you’ve most likely heard the term that has been catching fire around the world: “the cloud.” But what is it exactly and how are these “tech-savvy” people using it? As it turns out, you are probably using “the cloud” on a daily basis without ever taking notice. Popular platforms for cloud computing include Google Drive, Office 365/Microsoft 365, Apple iCloud, and Dropbox, to name a few. These applications store and access information through the Internet, in contrast to the traditional, physical, in-house servers that interact with a computer’s hard drive to manage data.


How to Avoid the Perils of Auto-Complete

Have you ever woken up from a late night panic wondering if you sent an email to the right Susan?

It’s a busy Friday afternoon. You have so many emails to get to before you go away for the weekend (which you’ve been looking forward to all week). There are so many contacts in your address book, it’s hard to remember which contact is related to which matter. You’re supposed to email Susan Smith but you have three Susans (plus a Sue and a Suzanne) in your contacts, all related to different matters. It’s absolutely crucial to keep track of the right parties and the right matters to maintain client confidentiality…

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