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Zola Suite Feature Spotlight: Dedicated Timekeeper Goals Setup Page

Legal professionals use a wide variety of tools and methods for tracking time spent on billable matters. Some are sophisticated, while others are more problematic and error-prone; for example, lawyers who use giant spreadsheets that are updated at the end of each day or week or sticky notes to jot down each task by hand. These antiquated, and inefficient, methods result in reduced amount of captured billable hours with corresponding loss of revenue. They also make it harder for firm admins to identify any issues or areas for improvement. Within Zola Suite, not only can users track billable hours with […]

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Navigating Organizational Change & Growth Strategies with “STARS” Framework

Organizational change is the only way to be proactive, rather than reactive, in continuing to develop your firm from the ground up. Krystal Champlin, the CEO of RJH Consulting, discussed taking steps to grow your law firm in a Zola Suite-sponsored ALA Webcast on April 14th. The webcast explored the five stages law firms commonly go through and how the “STARS” framework (which stands for Start-Up, Turnaround, Accelerated Growth, Realignment, and Sustaining Success) can help law firms set goals for continued growth in the future while also anticipating changes in the industry. Some of the topics highlighted included: Leading change […]

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New Tools to Enhance Law Firm Efficiency

Every year, we look forward to heading to Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW to join fellow tech-enthusiasts for new product announcements, informative sessions and panel discussions, and networking with partners, colleagues and clients. Despite this year’s conference being held virtually, we are still excited to share a few of the over 1200 updates that we’ve made to Zola Suite since last year’s event.

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How to Harness Legal Technology to Allow Human Compassion to Thrive in 2021

2020 was a year of trials and tribulations which cultivated a desire for greater understanding from other people. Now in 2021, “human compassion towards co-workers and clients will be an expected and welcomed change” according to Nancy Griffing and Robert Rice, both partners with 3545 Consulting. The two spoke on the topic and highlighted the ways in which compassion will marry with technology and what this means for the future of the legal industry on February 25th, during a Zola Suite-sponsored ALA Webcast.

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Taking Tasks Out Of Email

As a lawyer, you start off your work day by checking your emails. You see one regarding a task that needs to be done, so you forward the message to your legal assistant. You then receive a reply with questions regarding the task. You reply, and so begins a long email thread. A week later, you’ll add to that thread when you inquire as to the status of the project. It’s an all too common, wildly inefficient, scenario that plagues legal teams.

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Ask the Experts: How Was the Legal Industry Transformed in 2020?

It’s safe to say that 2020 threw us all a curveball. Despite the hardships this year brought, the legal industry rose to the challenge, adapting operations and offering new services to help clients through these unprecedented times. We asked Zola partners to share some of the trends they witnessed in 2020 and how they may affect the transition to cloud-based solutions. In part two of this series, these legal technology experts also share their predictions for what’s to come in 2021.

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Different Types of Cloud Environments Explained

In the past few months, with employees everywhere going remote, the adoption of cloud-based technology in law firms has reached all new heights. In contrast to on-premises servers (which store a firm’s files locally), cloud-based solutions securely store files on a virtual server.

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Are You Guilty of These Five Email Faux Pas?

Email is one of the most popular forms of communication in modern law firms. According to the American Bar Association’s 2019 Legal Technology Survey Report, 91% of respondents used email to communicate with clients. Despite its prevalence, many attorneys aren’t using the right systems or tools to efficiently manage the high volumes of emails they receive on a daily basis. Here are five email faux pas to avoid so you can keep your firm running efficiently.

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