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Sarah is our Social Media Marketing Manager at Zola Media. She is in charge of managing and creating content for all of Zola’s internal social media platforms, as well as assisting with client platforms.

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task management module

The Importance of UI and Why It Matters to Lawyers

What is UI? A User Interface, or UI, is the series of visual elements that you interact with in a software program such as buttons, icons, screens, and pages. All of these elements contribute to the functionality and usability of the application. A successful UI has to be equally appealing to the eye and easily navigable, especially for those who would not consider themselves “techies” (perhaps this sounds like someone you know?). A well-designed interface can shorten the learning curve of an application, helping you perform tasks easier and faster without wasting billable time. For this very reason, some of […]

task management window

Task Management – Streamlining Your Firm’s Workflow

What are the unique steps your firm takes to complete tasks? By now you’ve processed hundreds of new clients. You perform the same steps for every new client, but have no way of knowing their status in the process. With all the work you have on your plate, there is no time to run around the office, figuring out which member of your staff was in charge of each task and if they are on track. With Zola Suite’s task management system, you can easily streamline workflow within your firm. Delegation of tasks has never been easier. With each new […]

work in progress report

Work in Progress – is it worth it, now you know…

There are so many benefits to keeping track of your time: efficiency, organization, and responsibility. Once you figure out where specifically you are spending your time, you can then determine where improvements in your time management need to be made. Budgeting your time and allotting more time for higher priority tasks, will lead to fewer distractions, better organization, and more responsibility (and accountability). Although these benefits are certainly true for attorneys, there is another key benefit to keeping track of time: money. Our Work in Progress Report, which can be found under “Reports” in the Accounting feature of Zola Suite, […]

zola suite is in the cloud

Making Your Move to “The Cloud”

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, by now you’ve most likely heard the term that has been catching fire around the world: “the cloud.” But what is it exactly and how are these “tech-savvy” people using it? As it turns out, you are probably using “the cloud” on a daily basis without ever taking notice. Popular platforms for cloud computing include Google Drive, Office 365, Apple iCloud, and Dropbox, to name a few. These applications store and access information through the Internet, in contrast to the traditional, physical, in-house servers that interact with a computer’s hard drive to manage […]

helmet safety

All Of Your Client Data Is In The Cloud … Is This Safe?

At long last, the legal sector is getting with the program. Adoption of legal technology is on the rise. Lawyers are starting to use practice management software to enhance the productivity of their practices. With cloud-based applications, lawyers can easily store and access all of their legal documents and client information in one portable device in any location at any time of the day. As a lawyer, one of your top priorities is to maintain the confidentiality of your client. You might find it daunting to store your legal documents on a portable device rather than refer to physical documents […]

gift box

Show Your Clients Some Love: Invoice Level Discounts

As an attorney, you are trained to keep track of every minute and bill accordingly. But what if you decide that you don’t want to bill your client for the extra time it has taken your new associate to research a topic related to their case? Or perhaps you’re feeling super generous and want to write-off the 20-minute conversation you had with your client updating them about their case. While you should be aware of every second spent sending emails, following up on payments, and learning a new skill, every second spent on a case may not be worth a […]


How to Avoid the Perils of Auto-Complete

Have you ever woken up from a late night panic wondering if you sent an email to the right Susan? Scenario: It’s a busy Friday afternoon. You have so many emails to get to before you go away for the weekend (which you’ve been looking forward to all week). There are so many contacts in your address book, it’s hard to remember which contact is related to which matter. You’re supposed to email Susan Smith but you have three Susans (plus a Sue and a Suzanne) in your contacts, all related to different matters. It’s absolutely crucial to keep track […]

referral report

Who deserves the love? (Zola Suite’s Referral Report will let you know)

We believe that in order for a law practice to thrive, it must operate like a business. A key component of operating like a business is understanding metrics and gaining insight in order to understand how the business is operating – what is working and what can be improved. This is displayed in our guiding principles – what isn’t MEASURED cannot be IMPROVED. As a result, we offer real-time data with comprehensive reports and analytics to help you better understand the business side of your practice. When creating a new matter in Zola Suite, you can identify who referred the […]

email smart suggest

Who is Francine McGillicuddy and why is she writing to me?

Have you ever received an email from someone and couldn’t quite put your finger on who they were? Did you later find out that the email contact was a member of the case that you are working on? Your firm is consistently dealing with cases, clients, and other related individuals which makes it easy to lose track of what point of contact is associated with which matter. In Zola Suite, you can create as many contacts as you wish while associating each with a role in a matter. Label the role of each contact as “Investigator”, “Consultant”, “Primary Client”, or […]

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