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Getting Your Legal Team to Buy Into TQM

“All anyone asks for is a chance to work with pride” – William Edwards Deming The principles of total quality management (TQM), spearheaded by William Edwards Deming decades ago, continue to be exceptional tools for practicing attorneys. Given the competitive landscape currently facing the legal community, it is essential for any law firm to offer best-in-class service. After all, the name of the game is client satisfaction and their happiness drives referrals. These principles are not for rainmakers only, however, and it is critical for your entire team to buy into TQM. TQM at a Glance Put simply, TQM is […]

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How Relationships Can Propel Your Practice

Practicing law is more than advocating for clients by appearing in court, negotiating and preparing contracts or signing papers. The key to running a successful firm is managing and developing the business. Certainly, being a knowledgeable and highly-skilled attorney is essential to attracting and retaining clients, but it takes more to build a successful practice. As with any enterprise, it starts with developing relationships with clients and delivering exceptional service. Not only do clients expect you to have command of the law, they are looking to you for solutions that will address their problems and fulfill their objectives. Let’s take […]

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