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Deb Tesser, is VP of Strategic Planning at Zola Media. Deb has been thinking about the business of law for her entire professional career. Whether it was engaging in the practice of law as a transactional attorney, recruiting legal talent for some of the top US firms and corporations or providing business advisory services and marketing advice to lawyers, she has had first-hand experience with many of the issues that impact lawyers. She understands that while it is essential for practitioners to always deliver top notch legal representation, in this world of increased automation and heightened scrutiny of legal fees, lawyers need to harness technologies and marketing tools that will keep them and their practice competitive. This is why Deb is thrilled to work with Zola Media, creators of Zola Suite, a completely integrated legal practice management application and Zola Creative Marketing, state-of-art legal websites, content and a lawyer-friendly Site Manager.

Posts by Deb Tesser:


ABA Formal Opinion Makes Protecting Electronic Client Communications a Priority—And So Should You

As lawyers, we have an ethical duty to ensure privacy for client communications. Technology hasn’t changed this, but there have been recent questions as to what steps lawyers should be expected to take to protect electronic communications. To address these issues, the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility recently released Formal Opinion 477, an update to Formal Opinion 99-413, which discusses how changes in technology use coincide with Rule 1.6 concerning client confidences. While the opinion doesn’t set any bright line rules, it makes it clear that lawyers need to consider the privacy measures they are […]

You’re Not ‘Fully Integrated’ If Your Application Requires External Integrations For Deep Functionality

Here at Zola, we can understand why so many legal practice management programs make grand claims of being fully integrated, all-in-one solutions. Software with capabilities to meet all your law practice management needs in one user-friendly interface is appealing. The fact of the matter is that these claims are often misleading. You end up stuck with practice management software that relies on third-party applications and integrations to meet many of your key needs. The bottom line is – you can’t be an all-in-one practice management solution if you are relying on third party applications for important functions such as email, […]

evergreen retainers

Is it Time to Adopt Evergreen Retainers?

What is an evergreen retainer? An evergreen retainer is a type of security retainer. Just like other types of retainer, your client pays you a sum up front and you are able to use this money to pay your fees and expenses. The difference is with an an evergreen retainer, your client needs to keep a predetermined minimum balance on the account. The evergreen retainer will solve a problem that commonly plagues attorneys – collecting fees from the client or dealing with a client that refuses to pay or says they cannot afford to pay. Even attorneys who collect retainers […]

Let Your Firm’s Mobile App Show Your Clients that You Care

Every lawyer has been there. You need your client to get you time-sensitive, confidential documents and they can’t get to your office. Or you’ve been told “the check is in the mail” and you need to disburse funds that aren’t there. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a convenient, secure way for your clients to send you critical information and pay their invoices using their smartphone? Enter Caseway Mobile, a custom, branded portal application available exclusively to Zola Suite users that lets your clients share privileged information and pay their invoices via their mobile device. With this intuitive and user-friendly […]

Say Goodbye to Sticky Notes

Freakonomics Radio recently did a really interesting podcast about handwriting. During the episode, they talked to regular people and experts about the pros and cons of moving from a pen and paper society to a digital one. Here at Zola, we have an on-going debate about pen and paper vs. digital notetaking, so it was exciting to listen to the podcast and hear that we are not the only people thinking about these things. Just like the Freakonomics folks, we think there is a time and place for both hand-written and digital note-taking and record-keeping, especially in the legal world. […]

Is Your New Hire On Track?

You are ambitious. You want your law firm to grow from an all-consuming practice to a thriving business. But how? Once you realize that your time is better spent doing those things you can’t offload – namely, enhancing your knowledge and reputation in your practice area and cultivating relationships with your clients and referral sources — it’s time to get some reinforcements. You need to hire an associate or a paralegal who can help you grow your firm and keep the work flowing. But, since it’s your reputation on the line, it’s crucial that your clients receive the same level […]

We Love Everything About Spring… Except the Time Change

The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and Cadbury’s famous eggs are back on the store shelves! Spring is truly in the air! Everyone here at Zola is excited to see the seasons start to change, except for one thing – Daylight Savings cometh. Sometimes it seems like we lose way more than an hour when we “spring forward” each March. First you lose an hour of sleep, then you can’t go to sleep when you need to for the next few days because it feels too early. However, the mini-jet lag (seriously, that’s what the experts are […]

Are You Bad at Remembering Names and Faces?  Is This Impeding Your Networking Success? Meet Your New Best Friend.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve just returned from a conference or other networking event and you have a pile of new business cards to go through. You get started following up with people (which is, as you know, the most important part of networking) only to realize that you have no idea who half the people are. This scenario played out enough times in the life of Fred Cohen, the CEO and Architect of Zola Suite, that he decided to do something about it when he developed the Zola Suite mobile app.

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